Supplying Duplicators to Africa

At we get a lot of enquiries from customers who are based in Africa, or who wish to take their purchases to Africa. We are very happy to cooperate and make the process as simple as possible. For those customers who are visiting London they often find it very beneficial to make an appointment to come to our office for a demonstration, so they can see how the equipment works and decide on the best hardware solution for their needs. Other customers who are unable to visit in person benefit from our expert knowledge by email or phone, as we strongly believe it’s important to ensure the right product is bought to suit the needs of each customer.

We are also able to make the VAT-refund part of the process as simple as possible. There are a number of procedures, that depend on how the goods are taken out of the UK. Ie some customers take the goods as luggage, some send them with a shipper or freight forwarder. Depending on how the goods are exported we can either help the customer get their VAT refund, or avoid charging them VAT in the first place.

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