My StorDigital DP100 AutoPrinter is not responding! What can I do?

OK people, here is a quick trouble shoot for anyone having a porblem with the best sellign StorDigital DP100 automated inkjet CD and DVD printer.

Please work through this trouble shooter.

1. make sure that the cartridges are inserted. It would be best if took a new pair of them.

2. disconnect the usb cable.

3. pull the tray half way out manually.

3. unplug that power cable and connect it again.

4. the printer should initialize . The printer should clean and initialize the cartridges. the tray should open and close.

All led’s should be off except of the power (steady green).

If this doesn’t work, we have a hardware problem or defective cartridges. Sometimes the connection on them is bad especially if the customer uses refills.

If this works ok, then we go to the next step.

It will be clearing the print queue ( sometimes it is a source the problem). The best to do it way is to:

1. Pause the printer.

2. Reboot the computer.

3. Clear all print jobs for the printer.

The print queue should be empty.

Please connect the usb cable.

The printer should be ready to use ( if the problem was something in the print queue).

Rock and Roll

StorDigital DupaLIVE

DupaLive - StorDigital Live Event Duplicator

DupaLIVE is a network ready, multiple target duplicator range that supports the live recording and printing of DVD, CD & Blu-Ray discs. DupaLIVE features an embedded PC that supports and controls a host of advanced functions not available on a standard duplication tower.

Supporting live audio recording, audio editing, and multi target disc duplication as standard, StorDigital DupaLIVE ships with a powerful application suite providing live event organizers, concert promoters and churches with all the tools necessary to ensure professional and speedy disc distribution. Optional enhanced functions include onboard LightScribe label design and disc printing, USB duplication, Blu-Ray duplication, automated disc printing and automated MP3 extraction.

This new concept in duplication from StorDigital represents a turning point in duplication technology. Perfect for digital facilities, production houses, media agencies, AV installers, churches and live event organizers, the DupaLIVE system is a flexible workhorse that can adapt to your needs and grow with your business.

StorDigital founder, Nic Ranshaw said, “As a company we strive to keep in tune with our customers needs. DupaLIVE is a response to an emerging trend for ‘Just in Time’ duplication, whereby the value of the content is determined by the speed that it gets into the customers hands. By enabling the DupaLIVE to operate as a live recording device, editing platform, and tower duplicator we have developed a genuinely unique product. So many of our customers come to us and say, “Can I record on the duplicator?”. Now thanks to StorDigital DupaLIVE the answer is a firm “Yes!”.

The DupaLIVE range brings further advantages to consumers. Many duplication professionals offer live duplication, conference recording or sermon recording services. Live events require speed and efficiency in order to get the product into people’s hands in the fastest possible time. DupaLIVE offers the user the chance to do real time digital recording, mastering and duplication via one self contained unit. No more is there a requirement for an additional disc or hard disk recorder. DupaLIVE operators have an all-in-one, easy to use solution in a single box.

Nic Ranshaw added, “The development of DupaLIVE is a reaction to feedback we have received from our customers. They love the quality and function of the standard StorDigital duplication towers, but digital media is changing. To get a competitive edge duplication houses need to look at how they can diversify and differentiate their services. DupaLIVE opens the doors to new business opportunities, whether it’s live event duplication, live audio editing, or MP3 ripping. What’s more the modular nature of the solution means that you can expand your solution component by component as and when you need it. The standard base unit can later be upgraded with further peripherals that will increase power and enhance functionality. DupaLIVE is more than a duplicator – it’s a concept that represents the coming together of the entire StorDigital product range.”

DupaLIVE is a powerful PC workstation, pre-installed with Windows XP and hosting a suite of applications. Included software supports the recording, editing, and mastering of CD/DVD discs and label designing software for both inkjet and LightScribe printable discs.

The StorDigital DupaLIVE system will be available from StorDigital direct and their resellers from August 2009. Configuration subject to change without notice. To arrange a demo call StorDigital on 020 8293 0777. Retail customers can get more information and buy online at

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StorDigital Systems, 15 Greenwich Center Business Park,
53 Norman Road, London, SE10 9QF
Telephone: +44 (0)208 293 0777
Fax: +44 (0)208 293 0666

About StorDigital Systems: StorDigital Systems was founded by Ltd in 2002. They are now a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of specialist DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and USB duplication solutions. The range includes tower copiers, robotic duplicators and automated printers for DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and flash media. You can contact StorDigital Systems online at or by calling +44 208 293 0777.