Bravo Pro Xi from Primera speeds up disc production

Primera have once again turned the screw of the disc publishing speed injector resulting in the release of a new more efficient primera bravo disc publisher. The new range of 100 discs capacity primera disc publishers are suffixed with an Xi and is available in 3 models,

Primera Bravo Pro Xi, featuring 100 disc capcity and 1 recorder

Primera Bravo Pro Xi2, featuring 100 disc capacity and 2 recorders

Primera Bravo Pro Xi AutoPrinter, featuring print only operation

The range speed enhanced new copy and print DVD and CD Duplication systems further distances Primera from wannabee competitors products.

Offering 300% faster loading and 200% faster picking the Xi series also comes with a feature packed software suite, for ripping music and data discs, backing up data and copy protecting discs. That’s a whole lot more for your money.

Find out more about the Primera BravoPro Xi saves end users

Everest 600 AutoPrinter trade in offer

If you know your disc publishing processes, you will know that thermal disc printing has many advantages over inkjet printing. And if you know your products you will know that the Rimage Everest 600 AutoPrinter is the crown prince of colour thermal disc printers. So why don’t more people use the Rimage Everest 600? The answer my friends is simple, it comes with a high price tag. Fear Not!

Now here at towers we know disc printers like no one else, we know the best printers to use for different jobs and how to reduce your consumables costs, yet still blow your customers away with the highest quality discs imaginable. This month we are very happy to find ourselves recommending the Everest 600.

The nice people at Rimage have lent us one of their new automated thermal printers in order that we can try it for ourselves, demo it to our customers, print off sample discs and generally get all excited about it.

To be honest in these days it really takes something special in disc production to get us excited. We’ve been walking this road for some years and there’s not a great deal left for us to see… or so we thought. It transpires that the Everest 600 is a remarkable piece of disc production technology. Its perfectly engineers, operates flawlessly and produces full colour high resolution, waterproof prints in an instant. Whats more the cost of printing is comparable to full colour inkjet printing on watershield discs.

So how can the nice people at Ltd save you money? We’ve come up with a unique scheme that will take advantage of offer from Rimage called, “Cash for Clunkers”.

Similar to the Government scrappage scheme for cars, Rimage are offering discounts when you trade any automated disc printer.

But I don’t have a clunker I hear you cry.

No Problem!

The Ltd offices are littered with tired old printers that can’t wait to be shipped off to the nice people at Rimage. I told you it was cunning.

So call us today (that’s GMT 10am – 5pm) to discuss how we can work you out the best deal on the worlds best disc printer. Call NOW 020 8293 0777. Email Sales (@)

Get rich, high resolution, waterproof disc prints with Rimage Everest 600

Auto Everest 600 Thermal Disc Printer Ltd are offering all their customers the chance to receive a free sample disc printed on the fantastic Rimage Everest 600 Automated Thermal Disc Printer.

Interested customer should follow the link to the Everest 600 where they will find more information about requesting the sample disc.

Customer interested in receiving a demo of the market leading thermal disc printer can call Ltd on 020 8293 0777 in order to arrange a demonstration at our London facility based located in Greenwich.

Nic Ranshaw (Founder and Managing Director of Ltd) has this to say about the Everest 600, “We’ve been selling discs printers for over 10 years and have witnessed every evolution in what is a quite specialised market place. The majority of our customers who are producing discs for internal use or for sale are using inkjet disc printers. This is usually due to the low purchase price and the familiarity with the inkjet technology. Whilst inkjet printers offer a great solution and are justifiably the most popular disc printing technology in the market, they do have their disadvantages.”

He went on, “Inkjet printing can be slow, time consuming, messy and difficult to manage in terms of quality control. Equally inkjet printed discs are generally not resistant to water, light and abrasion and so everyday handling can quickly result in damage to the printed disc surface. Its at the top end of the market where the Everest 600 Full Colour Thermal disc printer fits in. The Everest 600 is for disc publishers who want to differentiate their products and services. A disc printed on the Everest 600 is produced quickly and cleanly, with the resulting disc being fully resistant to water and abrasion and features a stunning, high gloss, high resolution finish.”

Adding, “Discs produced on the Everest 600 stand out from the crowd and in most instances surpass the quality possible even via professional replication houses.”

For a limitedf period Ltd is offering a tradein value fo £1000 for any customer that has an existing disc printer who woul dlike to upgrade to an Auto Everest 600.