Autumn savings on Primera and StorDigital


This month we have some fantastic deals on Primera Disc Printers and StorDigital Duplicators. We can offer Primera Disc printers that will print a disc in as little as 6 seconds (full face full colour) and Tower duplicators that have a capacity up to 15 targets (expandable). As part of a promotion new and existing customers can now make great savings when they buy both a printer and tower duplicator at the same time.To find out more call us on 0208 305 7450.


CMC Acquired license to Taiyo Yuden JVC Media

So the Taiyo Yuden range of high quality media looks set to be manufactured by Taiwanese company CMC Magnetics. The Japanese optical disc manufacturer recently announced it would stop production of ALL optical media from December 2015. That would certainly have been dissapointing for the huge customer base that relies on these high quality discs for their duplication purposes. We will wait and see how the quality stacks up as CMC tries to monetise their acquisition.

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From Digitimes

Taiwan-based blank optical disc maker CMC Magnetics on September 21 signed with Japan-based Taiyo Yuden for the latter’s licensing of technologies, patents, media IDs and trademarks concerning high value-added CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R blank optical discs, according to CMC.

As Taiyo Yuden focuses production of high-quality and high-reliability blank optical discs, CMC hopes to use the licensing to produce high-performance and high-reliability optical discs for professional use, with the production to begin at the end of 2015, the company said. This will increase CMC’s status in the global optical disc market, the company indicated.

Taiyo Yuden in June 2015 announced that it and its wholly owned subsidiary Victor Advanced Media will entirely stop production and marketing of recording media products in December 2015.


Workflow solutions for speed enforcement cameras from StorDigital Systems Ltd


“Traditional wet film speed cameras are being replaced with digital versions that use flash media. Thanks to StorDigital users can quickly back up data to Blu-Ray ”

September 18, 2014, London – StorDigital Systems Ltd is actively supporting the countries police forces as they roll out of digital versions of their fixed and stationary speed cameras. In London alone hundreds of traditional “wet film” speed cameras will be replaced with digital cameras at traffic junctions where motorists are often caught jumping the lights. Work to upgrade the existing London network is expected to be completed by October 2016.

In partnership with public sector solutions providers StorDigital Systems have developed a range of bespoke devices aimed at making the lives of digital camera operatives easier. Every camera will be producing a huge volume of data that needs to both accessed, shared, stored and archives, which is where the StorDigital GoBlu™ Series of duplicators come in to play.

“The demand for Digital Storage media and its applications have never been great or more diverse. The roll out of digital technology across the UK’s speed enforcement teams means there will be a subsequent demand for solutions that enable operatives to quickly and easily manage their data. In most cases this will involve attending the device to retrieve a CF card that will then be required, by law’ to be securely backed up and archived. ” according to Nic Ranshaw, Sales Manager of StorDigital Systems Ltd.

“ By working closely with solutions providers, active within the ‘Safety Camera Partnership’ scheme we have developed a scalable solution that allows operatives of both fixed and mobile cameras to quickly and easily retrieve, store and archive crucial digital evidence. Mobile speed enforcement cameras typical capture 16GB or 2 hours worth of data per day, and a typical operative will need to backup and store data from 3-4 cards per day. The StorDigital Systems GoPro™ simplifies the back office process of burning the CF card to Blu-Ray on one standalone device allows the operative to backup 3 CF cards simultaneously. The whole process is inline with continuity of evidence protocol and the burnt Blu-Ray discs are totally tamper proof.” says Ranshaw.

For more information call Nic Ranshaw on +44 208 293 0777

About Ltd and StorDigital Systems Ltd Ltd (established in 1999) have quickly forged a market niche and are now regarded as one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of CD and DVD production systems. With a reputation built on service, value and great products Ltd supplies many blue chip companies, financial institutions, government bodies and educational authorities. An extensive range of CD DVD duplicators, copiers and printers are on offer with systems from leading manufacturers including Microboards, Primera, Rimage, MFdigital. Ltd also offers their own brand of professional StorDigital duplication systems including, high capacity robotic auto copiers and manually operated high capacity tower copiers.


There’s more to data than creating, saving & storing, here comes destroying.

hdt1 hard drive destroyer

The HDT1 hard drive destroyer is a fast and easy to use solution for the destruction of computer hard drives protecting your historical data from unautorised access.

The HDT1 HDD destroyer is the perfect solution to securely destroy all your magnetic and SSD hard drives.

Whenever a computer is replaced the hard drive still carries valuable company information that needs to be securely destroyed. Only the combination of degaussing the hard drive with a magnetic degausser and the physical destruction of the media ensures that all data is successfully destroyed and can no longer be accessed.

Find out more about the HDT1 Disk Destroyer here.

All Change – CD-writer com Ltd, moving to new premises from Feb 01.

We have great pleasure to be moving to Second Floor Studios just up the river in Charlton. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore some new opportunities since we will be part of one of Europes art, design and maker communities.

You can expect us to retain our focus on supporting customers active withing the digital media creative industries whilst also exporing new design and manufacturing opportunities.

CD writer com Ltd
Studio TB-6/7
Telegraph Building
Second Floor Studio & Arts
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR


Move with the times ! all hail the Martian Notifier Analogue Smart Watch.


Smartwatches are the new big thing and those thinking that the most popular formfactor will manifest as a mini phone style watch may well be wrong. The trend is turning more to analogue style watches that are enhanced with discreet functionality that is back ended by your phone and the internet. Afterall who needs a wrist mounted phone when really you want to be wearing a watch on your wrist. Hands are for phones and wrists are for watches..

It is our view that the over stated digital devices will soon become dated as style conscious people go for more considered and classic designs that say more while shouting less.

So … all hail the Martian Notifier Analogue Smart watch. A second generation product that ticks more boxes than your Nan in the bingo hall! Smart Watches at CES 2015 excluded (Fossils coming soon).

See the range the range of Martian Smart Watches here – perfect for the digital lifer


uDisc Duplicator from StorDigital offers portable Flash to Disc backup


Now flash to discs backup is portable thanks to the uDisc solution from StorDigital Systems. With uDisc operators can extract the content of their flash media like USB and CF card direct to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray via a secure burning process that supports continuity of evidence guidlines.

Find out more about uDisc here


UK speed camera enformcement division roll out new digital technology

SPEED CAMERAS in the capital are to be upgraded, with Londoners being warned to watch their average speed and not just their rate while passing the camera.

StorDigital Systems Ltd is actively supporting the countries police forces as they roll out of digital versions of their fixed and stationary speed cameras. In London alone hundreds of traditional “wet film” speed cameras will be replaced with digital cameras at traffic junctions where motorists are often caught jumping the lights. Work to upgrade the existing London network is expected to be completed by October 2016.

Average speed cameras, which check speed compliance along a more extensive length of road rather than just where the camera is located, have been trialled on a stretch of the A13 east of London.

Now Transport for London (TfL) is announcing that these types of camera will be installed at four more trial locations.

TfL’s strategy and planning director Ben Plowden said: “Ensuring that all road users are acting responsibly is vitally important to ensure that the capital’s roads are kept safe for all.

“We are committed to delivering a 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the capital’s roads by 2020.”

AA president Edmund King said: “Modern, well-signed cameras targeted at accident hotspots are an important road safety tool aimed at helping make roads safer.”


Trial Version of Rewind Archiving Software available from Digistor


Digistor, a provider of storage devices and a trademark of Sunland International, LLC, announced a free trial version of REWIND archiving software.

Anyone interested in enjoying the reliable permanent backup solution on the market can take REWIND for a spin and see just how effective it is at securing valuable data for the long haul.

Digistor’s REWIND software enables archiving solutions for professionals and individuals who need to ensure that their digital assets will remain accessible and secure for life. Permanently backup photos, videos, documents or other digital files with REWIND and rest easy with a reliable archiving programs at your disposal.

“REWIND works with Blu-ray media to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use backup solution that features unparalleled scalability” says Murray Ellis, director of engineering, Digistor. “By utilizing affordable Blu-ray discs, REWIND allows users to scale their backup efforts on the fly. All they need to get started creating a permanent personal archive is a quality Blu-ray burner and Blu-ray disc.”

With REWIND, Digistor has made digital archiving a simple and streamlined process. The program features a user interface that is a breeze to navigate, enabling a quick and permanent backup. Drag and drop the items you want archived into the REWIND file browser and REWIND will take care of the rest.

A trial of REWIND is available here and also with select hardware and media bundles. REWIND’s free trial is a full function version of the software offering up to five archive burns and full restore ability. REWIND is compatible with both PC and Mac.


StorDigital GoPro turns duplication on it’s head with Disc to Flash functionality.


The new StorDigital GoPro duplication system for CD DVD, and BluRay turns traditional tower duplicator functionality on its head. GoPro duplicators allow users to extract the contents of their optical product like, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray direct to flash media through a simple no PC required operation.

The GoPro range of DVD CD and Blu-Ray duplicators performs all the usuall tower duplicator functionality such as; disc to disc copy operation, but also features and enhanced flash media interface that performs both a Flash to Disc ™ copy operation and a Disc to Flash copy operation.

Backing up and sharing digital content has never been easier than with the StorDigital GoPro Duplicator range.

Find out more about the exciting range of StorDigital Duplicators and Digital Media solution by calling 0208 293 0777. You can buy the new StorDigital GoPro here.