MF Digital PrintStation 8000 high capacity disc printer with continuous ink system

The best selling MF Digital PrintStation now comes it 2 varieties. The 300 disc capacity, Standalone, Automated Disc Printer, with built in PC is now available with either an HP print engine or an Epson print engine. Using the Epson unlocks potential for the integration of a continuous ink system, whilst using the HP engine offers the cost benefits available from using low cost generic HP56 and HP57 inks.

The cost to print a discs is the make or break factor when determining the profitability of any disc production jobs. MF Digital consistently deliver disc printing solutions that address this important area.

Here is some information from MF Digital;

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As you know the most cost effective print technology is Inkjet using CIS (continuous ink supply). The cost today (no disc) is about $.03 to $.04 per print. The big problem with the current technology is that these systems are available by third party ink suppliers and not designed for the printer. To date we have refused to sell a CIS system due to all the problems of support and poor quality.

Our new PiezoJET Epson Printer based PrintStation 8000 eliminates the problems. We have adapted the Epson L800 CIS Printer system to work with our Scribe system with an auto-feed of 300 disc capacity. Using GENUINE Epson Ink along with an actual Epson CIS printer, MF Digital brings print cost to $.05 per print (not including disc) and you get an Epson designed CIS printer and authentic Epson ink attached to a quality MF Digital Scribe System. The PrintStation is a self contained KVM system. You or customer supply the Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse – THAT’S IT ! We supply the rest and you are up and printing within minutes.

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You can see the MF Digital PrintStation 8000 here
You can see the MF Digital PrintStation with HP Engine here

The MF Digital Print Station is available for demonstration at the Ltd London Head Quarters. Call us on 020 8293 0777 to find out how Ltd and MF Digital can slash the cost of your disc production whilst printing discs to the highest possible standard, ensuring your customers come back time and time again. Unlock new potential for your disc production facility, and generate bigger profits by using MF Digital PrintStation.