Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray Recorder

The wait is finally over.

The new wave of optical disc storage devices is upon us, in the form of Blu-Ray. The new high capacity format uses blue lasers rather than the red laser used in DVD and CD recorders. The Blue Laser has a much shorter wave length allowing for more data to be stored in the same physical space as a DVD or CD. It is a natural progression. The first commercially marketed drive is the Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray recorder from Pioneer. IT is expected to satrt shipping from in the last week of MAY. Like all new recorders, including the Pioneer A01 – A04 – this unis is coming with ahefty price tag that reflect the point we are at within the products lifecycle. If you wasn to be an early adopter of this technology it will cost you £500. Expect Blu-Ray-Technology to be the norm within 12 months – for large data backup requirements, and expect to see growth in the use of Blu-Ray-Media for rich media applications like games and interactive video content. We are firm believer in Blu-Ray at, for many reasons, that I will not start to go into here.

source: ‘’ 2006-05-26
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Automate your PC back-up

Yes, sometimes it is too difficult to pick up a couple of CDs, load them into your ROM drive and back-up your PC, after all you are overworked, you’re late for family dinner and the TiVo is full of unwatched season finales…so how can you make life easier? Well, how about automating your PC back-up process.

MF Digital and Handy BackUp software make a great team for automated PC backup. Through the MF Digital software there is a portal button which launches the Hand BackUp software for immediate backup capabilities. From this point, a user can recall a backup job previously created and resubmit or create a new backup. Once a backup job is submitted the MF Digital autoloader takes over for complete automation.

This hardware and software match make it especially easy and convenient to do late-night or off-hour backup’s of office PCs and workstations. In addition, the Handy BackUp software can span to multiple discs so if there are large amounts of data the MF Digital duplicator will know what to do. The Handy BackUp software which ships with the duplicators does support CDR, CDRW and DVDR disc formats.

The Handy BackUp add-on software has a retail price of $100 USD.

CD-Writer – Outdoor Adventure

Yes that’s right, the team at are putting down their duplicators for a few days and heading to the great outdoors. A long weekend armed with only a tent, a sleeping bag and a value pack of assorted mints.
“What is the purpose of this trip?” I hear you ask.
Well, in order for us to maintain our exceptional levels of customer service and help you, our loyal customers, we must once in a while have a small break. Leave behind our tools, our incredible offers and journey to far off lands. (Sussex)
However fear not, we will still be taking orders over the entire Bank Holiday weekend, all day every day, via our website

Primera Bravo XR-Series – great for the blueys

We are still waiting news on an ETA for the new units from Primera. The Primera Bravo XR series – offers the same funtionality as the existing Bravo product range but with the benefit that the units are rack mountable and modular. I guess this might make them a little more robust and easier to use in a media or enterprise environment. After seeing them in action though I am intrigued by the blue light in the printers and publishers and can’t help that feel thsi might prevent opprotunities for visual colour matching and spot checking of the print colour and process. Maybe you can turn it off.

Using The PrintFactory 2 – PF2 with Corel Draw

At we often tell people that they cn use the PrintFactory 2 with software other than the SureThing supplied. Here is some info about how you might use it with Corel Draw – supplied by one of our customers.

#1 Creat A Corel Draw document , page size 206mm x 284mm in portrait mode
#2 Note the area that the Print Factory will print is in the top left corner of the page.
#3 Position your image slightly so it is off from top of the page – ie nudge it up so a small section of the image is not visible
#4 Move the image a few nudges in from the left
#5 Test print and re-align as required.

Basically one of our customer discovered this technique through trial and error. So a bit of tweeking is required. But it does work. If you have any further tricks or tips for printing on a Print Factory please let us know.

You can see the exisitng range of CD and DVD Printers from MicroBoards here

Make your own World Cup music CD DVD sleeve

To celebrate the pending worldcup we have selected a series of worldcup images to use with our sepcial world cup CD DVD sleeve design template exclusive to Making CDs and DVDs is easy at, just select, or upload your image, enter or upload your track titles, select a design template and your CD or DVD sleeve is instantly created. Try it online FOR FREE at

DVD Duplicator Prices slashed

Due to market forces we have revised pricing on our range of tower DVD and CD duplicators. The new prices are in effect from 16th of May 2006. It should also be noted that ALL duplicators now ship as standard WITHOUT an onboard Hard Drive. This is in order to bring the base level cost down. We have also introduced some bulk buying options on favourite products accross the site.

Automatically back up over multiple discs, auto copy and rip CD

We’re presently running a promotion on the BAXTER 25 disc auto DVD CD Copier from MF Digital. BAXTER allows users to rip CD to MP3 (auto in batches of 25), back up HDD to multiple CD or DVD and also Copy batched of 25 CD or DVD. IT operates via USB connected DVD CD writer with autoload robotics. Very cool. As part of our promo we have redued the price by a further £50. Go get it.

Love travels at illegal speeds

This week the Ltd team are listening to the latest ALBUM from Graham Coxon – Love travels at illegal speeds. This album is by far one of the finest pieces of work I have heard for some time. Inspired song writing and production drawing in influences from The Who, Costello Old Style Blur, Barrett and Bowie. The work of Coxon and his band is beyond remarkable. Buy It . Download It . Listen to It.