Is a LightScribe Duplicator right for me?

LightScibe duplicator

StorDigital have launched a range of LightScribe duplicators available via and partners. Theses amazing new standalone tower copiers use HP LightScribe technology allowing them to copy data and print images to the disc surface.

It sounds amazing and in truth it is. Lightscribe has been around for a while and is increasingly popular in domestic DVD and CD burners. The burner in your PC may already support LightScibe disc labelling. Now this feature is available to tower duplicator operators, meaning they can burn their discs, flip their discs, then print their discs. It really is that easy.

A typical LightScribe disc label will look like this:

LightScribe Disc

Recently the price of LightScribe Media has really started to fall meaning the LightScribe disc labelling can seriosly compete with traditional monochrome disc printing methods. Remember LightScribe doesnt use ink, so you just pay the cost of the disc. Customers should be aware though that LightScribe does not print in colour. Its perfect for text labelling since it has a cool ammend feature, meaning you can pre label your discs before a live event, then using ammend you can add details specifi to your customers, date or location. Cool!!

So simply put, if you need a tower duplicator, and you think you could benefit from labelling the discs (forget paper labels) Consider a LightScribe Duplicator from StorDigital.

Hi, can you please tell me the approximate production costs per CD-R, CD ROM and DVD5 using this machine, say producing 35000 units a year?

Typically 19ml of ink for a Primera disc publisher costs £25 pounds. With 19ml of ink you can expect to print 400 discs with 20% mixed ink coverage, 130 prints with 70% mixed ink coverage, or 40 prints full surface of a single colour. So the cost per disc print is dependent on your artwork, ie how much of the disc is covered in ink, what mix of colours you have. To an extent you can reduce ink usage via printer config, reducing saturation and in some cases using different disc may reduce the absorbtion. Our advise is to work within the boundaries of the medium, and ensure your customers have an understanding of what is achievable. In addition to this typically a CD might cost 12p and a DVD 14p. From a commercial point of view using simpler and less ink intensive designs will speed production, reduce unit costs, and increase the durability of the disc. Everybody wins. Primera Bravo Ink

Saving time and money with a tower copier and auto disc printer

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