Summer Months the world cup and the downward curve

There is now satistical proof of the effect the world cup is having on UK and Euro based online retailers. In fact it is stated that internet searches are down by over 35%. This means fewer people are spending time on the internet buying and more people are spending time watch the football. Get yourself an England World Cup squad CD case from now.

Glossy CD DVD Printer Ltd and MF Digital are pleased to announce the release of the new MFDigital Print Station. The 250 disc capcity automated CD and DVD printer allows users to automatically print batches of CD and DVD in volumes up to 250. This unique CD printer is fully standalone and can be used anywhere. Thanks to the inclusion of a built in PC you simply plug in a monitors, keyboard and mouse and you will soon be producing your printed discs. THe MFDigital PrintStation from also offers users full network support meaning that multiple clients can request jobs.

This fast robotic printer uses the latest HP printer technology for fast, sharp and low cost printing in rich colour. The PrintStaion will also produce high quality water resistant glossy prints on the lastest AquaGuard Discs from Taiyo Yuden.

You can find out more about this fantastic CD and DVD printer here.

Discover Blu-Ray and its Acronyms

DRM – Digital Restrictions Management – technology to restrict what you can do with media you purchase

AACS – Advanced Access Content System – the DRM infection used for both Blu-ray and HD-DVD

BD+ – an addition to AACS for Blu-ray discs, that provides additional restrictions to what you can do

MMC – Mandatory Managed Copy – a theoretical way for you to make a legal copy of a movie

HDCP – High-bandwith Digital Content Protection – Encryption of data over digital connections

HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface – A digital connection found on most new HDTV’s, all HDCP compliant

DVI – Digital Visual Interface – Precursor to HDMI, found on many older HDTV’s. However, many DVI connections are not HDCP compliant, making them worthless for Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

MPAA – Motion Picture Ass. of America – trade organization representing the major movie companies

RIAA – Recording Industry Ass. of America – trade organization representing the major music companies

New Ltd shop goes into ALPHA

At Ltd we work tirelessley to constantly improve the level of service we offer our customers, both on and offline. We have been developing a new store based on OScommerce that will at some point replace our Actinic based store. The new store is not even close to a full launch, however it is working 65%. If you want to visit it you can visit the Digital Life store here. Any feedback will be most welcome and will help us to improve our serve even further.

New features will include, wish lists, vouchers, online accounts and more.