New PowerTower DVD Duplicator from StorDigital Systems delivers high level performance

StorDigital Systems have release a new limited run specialist duplicator for professionals. The new system called the PowerTower features upgraded components that deliver performance beyond beyond that offered by the competition. A duplicator can only perform at a level equal to the sum of it’s components, so StorDigital have used their years of duplicator production to ensure a choice of components guaranteed to deliver optimum performance. The PowerTower features a specially designed case that ensure better ventilation of the drives whilst preventing the build up of dust and debris within crucial components. The PowerTower also features an upgraded power supply ensuring a stable power supply to multiple drives doing fast burns. In addition the PowerTower duplicator features and enhanced controller that is upgradable and configurable to deliver enhanced functionality.

The PowerTower is a special build device available as standard in CD DVD format with a Blu-Ray Upgrade option.


To find out more about the StorDigital PowerTower you can call us on 020 8293 0777 or follow this link.