Primera SE Autoprinter: Anybody had any problems with the printer only version of this machine? Bit dubious of its mechanical falability?

Disc Publisher SE Autoprinter

Hi, to be frank the SE autoprinter is very much an entry level unit, with only 20 discs capacity it is engineered for smaller production runs. So its ideal for 10’s and 20’s of discs, but if you plant to do batches of 50 or 100 you need to consider a laerger capacity unit. Any questions give us a call on 0208 293 0777.

LightScribe Duplicator: How to fix LSS errors on Windows 7 and Vista

Lightscribe Template Software needs to be run with administrative rights on your Windows 7 or Vista PC. If you already installed the software the best way to fix the problem is to uninstall all lightscribe related software from your PC.

 Once you will be ready to do fresh installation please run the .exe file as an administrator (please DO NOT double click on the file, you need to right click and select "run as administrator". Once installation is complete please right click on the shortcut icon (DO NOT double click) and select run as administrator to launch the software and create label.


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MicroBoards CX Series publisher now support MAC

Looking to get the most out of your Microboards disc publisher?  Now
available for use on the Mac with Microboards disc publishers is PrintWrite
software, created by Microboards engineers specifically for use with the
MX-1, MX-2, GX and now the CX Disc Publisher.  PrintWrite is an easy-to-use
program that operates using an intuitive drag-and-drop method.  The
dashboard overview feature shows current ink levels, recent jobs submitted,
job status, and more.

PrintWrite Mac software is the latest innovation from Microboards
Technology. Created specifically for Microboards disc publishers by
Microboards engineering team, PrintWrite encompasses a wide array of unique
features.  The goal of PrintWrite software is to keep the task of disc
publishing amazingly simple for novice users, while at the same time
introducing advanced options and special features for the expert-level user.

The PrintWrite Mac software allows a variety of tasks to easily be
completed.  Burn a music CD to listen to in a CD player.  Create a video
that will play in a DVD player.  Copy content from one disc to another.
Backup important data files.  And print flashy, high-quality labels to boot.
With PrintWrite, you can do it all!

Since PrintWrite was designed specifically for Microboards products by
Microboards engineers, preparing a job to publish has never been easier. The
dashboard-style view gives a detailed overview of everything currently
happening-job status, job list, system status, ink levels, and more, making
it easy to monitor and navigate. All jobs can be saved and retrieved for
future use.

For the advanced user, specialized options are available. Batch Copy
features the ability to insert a stack of discs, masters and blanks, and
record accordingly, assigning specific print labels. Create Image and Burn
Image allow the creation and duplication of the entire content of a disc
using industry-standard ISO files. And the Erase Disc function deletes the
contents of rewritable discs.

Design your label to print using any popular graphics program, like Adobe
Photoshop(r) or Corel Draw(r), then import into PrintWrite to print labels
on the discs.  Set up jobs to burn a music CD, then print a particular
label.  PrintWrite stores the most recently used label designs, and displays
them in a scrolling window, making it easy for you to choose the label you
want.  Design labels with full bleed; PrintWrite will automatically crop
your artwork into the printable area of the disc, whether its hub-printable
or not.

PrintWrite was designed for use with the GX Disc Publisher and MX-1 and MX-2
Industrial Disc Publishers. All units will now be shipped with PrintWrite
software, and users.

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Thermal disc printers

If you are looking for reliable thermal printing solutions I would like to recommend following:
for black only prints:

Scribe Print Station with Prism 600 Disc Capacity

The Scribe PC Print Station Series offers the most versatility and flexibility of any desktop on the market today. Simply add a Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse, and you are now ready to enjoy the full power of a Microsoft XP Pro based system which can be accessed from any desktop PC with our exclusive license-free Scribe PC Network Client. The Scribe PC Print Station can be configured with Inkjet or Thermal Printing. Disc capacity is from 300 to 600 discs. The Scribe PC Professional Grade Print Station offers printing directly from a pdf file.

DP-9104 PST
£5945.00 Exc. VAT

£6985.38 Inc. VAT…

And for full colour prints:

Rimage Everest 600 Autoprinter

The Rimage Everest 600 AutoPrinter comes equipped with a 400-bin carousel. This carousel has a 300 disc input capacity with the remaining bin used for output. When the first input bin is empty it becomes the second output bin, and so on. In this manner, the AutoPrinter can print up to 300 discs without a single operator intervention. AutoPrinters come with Rimage’s state of the art Producer series robotics. These robotics are driven by a closed loop servo motor system and a reinforced, toothed belt. The picker rides on roller bearings and slide rails and takes only 2 seconds per movement. The picker is steel and will pick from a plane of 85·- 95·. The AutoPrinter comes with CD Designer, software to create the artwork for your discs and to drive the printer. CD Designer has a complete set of file import capabilities, text creation capabilities, object creation tools, bar code generation and more. An optical sensor in the Rimage transporter detects a small index mark that is silk-screened in the index ring along with your silk-screened design. The transporter then rotates the disc to the correct orientation so your customized printing will always be aligned with your original silk-screened artwork. For optimum throughput, ease of use, and support that is tops in the industry – Rimage Everest 600 AutoPrinter is the clear choice.

£6241.30 Exc. VAT

£7333.53 Inc. VAT


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Robotic disc duplicators have never been better value at

We are presently offering some massive discounts on the best selling range of <a href=>automated DVD and CD duplicators</A> from StorDigital. StorDIgital Systems – digital media solutions limited only by imagination.

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Copy & Print DVD and CD with LightScribe PrintTowers from StorDigital

LightScribe duplicators from StorDigital provide a cheap, easy and clean way to both copy and print your own discs.

SD7DVDPRELS-HDUSB       £409 plus vat and shipping £12

<a href=””>LightScribe Duplicator</A>

This unit features 250GB and HD conenction to host PC. The USB connect simply allows you to use one of the burners to create your master discs. It does not support a drag and drop function to copy data from the host PC, and it does not allow you to control the copy funtion via the host PC.

For more information call the team on 020 8293 0777.

Nic Ranshaw Ltd

+44 (0) 8707 605 737

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The fastest way to produce a 1000 discs per day

Many people come to looking for advice regarding the best way to spend their money when starting up a duplication business. Obvioulsy everyone requirements are going to be slightly different, however; we have learnt how to ensure the customer gets best value for their money.

The best way to produce 1000 top quality discs per day is to use a tower copier and a fast autmated printer like the MicroBoards PrintFactory Pro.

Since the 2 devices are independent of each other thay can both work at the highest speed possible without bottlenecks reducing throughput.

CD DVD Duplicator, StorDigital Premium CopyTower 11 Drive 20X DVD 40X CD Copier, SATA

Get high speed professional DVD and CD burning at the touch of a button. StorDigital SD11 DVD Premium duplicator features 1 reader and 11 high speed burners. The StorDigital Premium features an easy to use interface offering many functions not available on competitive systems, including; AutoCopy, Load and Copy, Account Management, Hard Drive Partition Naming, and much much more.

The StorDigital Premium really is an amazing DVD and CD duplicator that is ideally suited to a professional environment where strong and reliable performance is required.


160 GB £35.00

250 GB £55.00

Year 1 RTB plus 2nd year RTB Labour Warranty (FREE) £0.00

1 years RTB Parts/Labour Warranty (FREE) £0.00 USB PC Connection £30.00 External USB DVD Burner £0.00 External Firewire DVD Burner £0.00

SD11DVDPRE-S £443.83 Exc. VAT

£521.50 Inc. VAT

Combined with the following printer

Print Factory Pro – 100 Disc Printer

The PF-Pro is the all-new print-only version of the high-volume MX production series. Using the same great HP inkjet technology as the MX-1 and MX-2, the PF-Pro is the ideal printing solution at getting the most for your money with an amazing 9 cents per disc.

Utilizing Microboards’ patented disc singulation technology, the PF-Pro is designed to print hundreds of discs on a weekly basis. Its 100-disc throughput capacity allows for unattended operation.

By utilizing the latest in HP inkjet technology, the print speed and quality of the MX Series of Disc Publishers and Printers is unequaled among disc duplicators. Separate C, M, Y, and Black ink cartridges means zero waste – and the lowest possible cost-per-disc, as low as 9 cents for a full coverage print. One set of ink cartridges can produce 850 to 1,500 discs. Disc designs utilizing light text-only coverage could have a cost-per-disc as low as 2 cents, and throughput at upwards of 250 discs per hour. Coupled with the 18X DVD/48X CD recording speed in a single recorder or dual recorders, the MX Series is the best solution for high-volume disc publishing.

The included software suite for all three products includes simple label design software. Design your label from a point-and-click application, or use popular design programs such as Photoshop, and import directly to the software. Publishers with recording ability include recording & job creation software for both Mac and PC, including support Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Record or copy virtually any CD recordable or DVD +/- Recordable format, including Dual Layer DVDs!

PFP-1000 £1745.00 Exc. VAT

£2050.38 Inc. VAT

If you require more information about these 2 products please call on 020 8293 0777.

Kind regards

Nic Ranshaw Ltd

Did you know we can help you copy and print your discs?
Call Laura today on 020 3371 7391 to find out more.

Technical support is available via and

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Do I need a USB connected duplicator ?

Standard USB connection at around £30 allows you to use one of the burners in the device to create your master. Ideal if your PC does not have a burner to make masters.

Copy Connect USB connection at around £130 (in HDD) will allow you to connect the duplicator to a host PC and from there copy ISO files to the harddrive of the duplicator.

Once the duplicator is detached from the PC you can perform you can select the image on the hard drive and perform standard copy operation.

Via the USB connect it is also possible to move files, rnamce partitions and delete image files.

When used on a USB duplicator you can also transfer your pritn files from the PC to the duplicator via the USB connect.