Digital Camera Flash Memory Back-Up on the move

The XS-Drive – Drive Smart 2300 is perfect for photographers and holiday makers. Now there is no need to buy expensive memory cards at the airport. Simply backup up a range of flash media cards onto this easy to use totally portable hard drive. The Drive Smart 2300 Digital Camera Back-Up device i sperfect for all digital camera and mp3 player users.

  • Back up portable device compatible with all types of memory cards and very compact design.
  • Copy digital photos from your memory cards to the internal HDD via a single button operation.
  • Internal 2.5″ Hard disk built-in from 40 up to 120GB.
  • Green backlight OLED colour Display to display control status
  • Includes built-in internal rechargeable battery (2 hours of operation) and a carry bag.
  • Compatible Fast Connection USB 2.0 (+ USB 1.1) to access files on a computer.

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Strapped to the back of our last far east import came these little creatures. Strikingly similar to the Primera Z1 thermal CD printer, the UPRINT CD DVD Disc Printer offers amazing value. Offering high quality direct to disc thermal printing in up to 4 zones on the disc, the UPRINT thermal CD printer will allow you to quickly and easily add professional style text and line art labelling to your silver or white top discs.

At we have customer that use the Primera Z1 to print jobs of up to 400 discs and make a good profit. While neither the UPRINT thermal CD printer nor the Primera Z1 are designed for this kind of volume it oes demonstrate the effectiveness of this entry level CD printing solution.

So if you want to buy an entry level CD printer, for low volume production, that offers water resistant direct to disc thermal printing, you will find NO better option than the Uprint thermal CD printer.

Karaoke CD Copier – CoolBurn new to

When we saw these new flip top, compact disc to disc Karaoke CD copiers we got excited. When we realised that they supported Karaoke and could be used as an external CD recorder via USB we jumped for joy.

The StorDigital CoolBurn is a great entry level CD copier for desktop operation. With track select for the creation of custom compilations and CD+G karaoke support its perfect for todays demanding market. Combined with its fantastic styling this feature rich CD duplicator is perfect for a range of office and low volume production environments. Limited stock priced to sell.

MicroBoards GX AutoPrinter joins the fold

June has seen MicroBoards release their new 50 disc capacity auto CD and DVD disc printer. The GX AutoPrinter supports Mac and PC host and uses the patentented singulator disc loading system. The GX Autoprinter is the only plug and play disc pinter to offer 50 disc capacity out of the box and the price is attractive.

Alternative products include the Primera Bravo 2 disc printer, that offers 50 disc capacity via a kisok kit and the the opportunity to print 8cm disc and business cards via an adaptor. We’ll bring you more on these 2 products in our Disc Printer Burn Out tests on the ProBurner website.

Scent of a nation – Perfume : Story of a murderer

I loved Perfume when I first read Patrick Süskinds book. And I found the movie Perfume : Story of a murderer to have very nearly matched my own imagination through its interpretation of Süskinds vision. Mesmerising throughout and it made me fancy a can of stella artois (see their tv ads).

My jaw dropped a little when Ben Whishaw first spoke – but somehow he became made for the part as did Dustin Hoffman who played Baldini. I wondered if Dustin had read the book prior to getting the script. I enjoyed Baldini in the book and I enjoyed Hoffmans Baldini on the screen. You can find more information about Perfume : The story of a Murderer here.