Ltd agrees to transfer .EU to MicroBoards Technology

After several months of negotiations between the two companies Ltd processed the transfer of to MicroBoards Technology Ltd. MicroBoards UK had previously failed to register the domain name within the allowed control period thus allowing third partys and no-trademark holders to register any un-registered domain. Fortunately Microboards Technology Ltd (the UK are of MicroBoards) benefited from the fact that their technology and business partner Ltd registered the name on their behalf.

Nic Ranshaw MD of Ltd had this to say, “When we saw that the MicroBoards domain name was unregistered we had only one option. At we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to the internet and if we see an opportunity we take it. Our intention was never to warehouse the MicroBoards domain name and we recognised that Microboards would be gratefull that the name had been secured by a friendly party”. Ranshaw continued, “We would like to think that the goodwill represented by by securing and transferring the domain to MicroBoards without cost will help to strengthen the relationship between our two companies”.

No one from MicroBoards Technology was available for comment. Ltd are the UK’s largest independent supplier of CD and DVD Duplicators, Publishers and Printers.

It's technically all change at

As part of a restructuring we have recenty had the pleasure of employing a new staff member. Stephen Siu is joining us and will take responsibility for a range of technical duties. Stephen will be 1st line support for StorDigital Duplicators and will be offering pre and after sales support on our full range of DVD and CD duplication systems. We think Steve is a generally all round nice guy who has a great deal to offer the company and our customers. We look forward to seeing how it all works out.