Bravo Refills

Bravo Inks

Whilst at we can’t encourage the use of Primera Compatible Inks or Bravo Ink Refill kits, since their use will result in the product warranty being voided, we do recognise that the Primera Ink Refill Kits from Burton Ink can offer great savings. The Bravo Ink Refill kits and Compatible Primera Inks Cartridges from Burton Ink can offer big savings. What you gains you make with one hand be prepared to loose with another.

Epson Disc Producer

After much anticipation, the Epson Disc Producer has finally arrived!
Boasting a built-in 6-color inkjet printer and utilizing Epson’s MicroPiezo® technology, the Epson Disc Producer allows for rich, crisp, full colour printing.

Epson Disc Producer

Its 100 disc capacity and AcuGripâ„¢ robotic arm are nestled within a compact dust-proof casing, making it a good choice for home & business users alike.
But have Epson left it too late? With firmly established duplication systems from manufacturers like Primera, Microboards & MFDigital already on the market, each with years of experience behind them, it seems hard to believe Epson can bring anything radically different to the duplication market.

Keep checking the cd-writer blog for a full-review and see how the Epson Disc Publisher fairs when the team put the machine through it’s paces.