Blu-Ray Disc Player

Samsung presents the highest-definition playback in the world: the BD-P1000 Blu-ray Disc Player. Be among the first to view Blu-ray format discs on your HDTV. You’ll marvel at the clarity and full-color spectrum of every scene, while multi-channel sound puts you in the center of the action.

The Samsung Blu-ray player gives you full 1080p native output and up-conversion for your current catalog. This player also offers backwards compatibility to current dvds and CD playback.

10-in-2 Multi Memory Card Interface

Play movie clips, view digital photos or listen to MP3 music files through a Combo Player-using any type of memory card. The two slots on the BD-P1000 accept virtually every popular memory card format-Multi Media card, Secure Digital card, Compact Flash and Micro Drive directly, as well as Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, RS MMC and Mini SD with an adapter.

User-Friendly Graphic Interface

Samsung BD-P1000 BD Player includes various user interface menus & subtitle functions to allow consumers to easily discover and search for detailed content regarding the video. The full-color, high-definition animated menu and subtitle effects allows you to incorporate your own personal creative touch.

New Blu-Ray Disc Duplicator from StorDigital Data Systems

Blu-Ray Duplicator

Following the exit of the HD-DVD format from the HiDef Disc Format race the industry can now focus on supporting Blu-Ray. To this end StorDigital Data Systems have released an entry level Blu-Ray Disc Duplicator. The StorDigital SD1BLU Single Target Blu-Ray Disc, DVD and CD Disc to Disc copier offers an out the box solution for low volume copies without requiring the use of a PC. The unit features the most advanced controller to ensure stable recording of perfect BD copies.

Priced at just £599 plus vat the SD1BLU Blu-Ray Duplicator is perfect for anyone looking to copy Blu-Ray Discs without the use of a PC. Get more info on the StorDigital Blu-Ray Copier.

In-house disc publishing market sees sustained growth.

Whilst there is much talk of a decline in sales of CD and DVD based products it is easy to misinterpret this information. In the last 5 years the very concept of manufacturing and distribution has changed, creating a new market and a new industry. The licensing, publishing and distribution of media products (be they music or video) is no longer in the hands of the corporate giants like EMI, Sony and BMG, it is now in the hands of the individual. It is this new approach that is allowing in-house CD and DVD production facilities to buck the trends. Ltd exists at the very core of this new and exciting industry. As hardware prices fall and demand rises, we expect more companies to recognise the value of bringing their disc production in-house. While replication facilities across Europe and the world continue to close the demand for professional, easy to use solutions for larger volumes of CD and DVD discs continues to grow.

By investing in your own DVD and Blu-Ray production equipment you can offset the high costs required by replication houses for low volume work. You can produce customised discs easily for individual customers, or you can produce 1000 discs per day. You can reduce your costs, improve your flexibility, increase your sales and maximise your profits. It has never been easier to quickly produce your own discs. By using the latest inkjet technology combined with water resistant glossy printable discs you can exceed the quality that can be attained via processes associated with replication. Ltd is probably best known for the supply and support of Primera Bravo Disc Publisher products, and these units continue to be a firm favourite with customers seeking to produce lower volumes of discs without human intervention.

Disc publishers though are not always the best solution. People think that because a product is automated and has an input capacity of 100 discs that they will be fast. In fact the benefit of a publisher is unattended operation. If it is speed you’re after, then you need to think about a Tower Copier and Automated printer for the same price as our best selling Disc Publisher (Primera Bravo Pro) you can buy the StorDigital SD11 DVD and CD tower copier and the StorDigital DP50 automated disc printer, enabling the production of up to 1000 discs per day.

For independent and honest advice on how to meet your Blu-Ray and DVD production requirements talk to the duplication experts at Ltd.
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