DVD Copier systems from StorDigital now with 3 year warranty

DVD Copier with 3 year StorDigital Warranty

As part of their continued drive to exceed customer expectations StorDigital Systems have now introduced a 3 year warranty package for their range of DVD Copier systems. The new warranty extends the existing 1 year labour warranty to an amazing 3 years, offering the user peace of mind that their investment will be supported long into the future. StorDigital CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Flash Media duplicators already offer exceptional value for money ensuring that that StorDigital is one of the biggest selling duplicator brands in the UK.

Here is a snippet of a recent StorDigital Press release:

StorDigital is an own-brand product range from CD-writer.com (The UK’s leading specialist suppliers in Digital Media solutions since 1999). We have first hand experience in the cd/dvd duplication industry and have been providing high quality products and customer service for over 10 years. StorDigital duplicators use only the highest quality components. We don’t take short cuts and all of our products come with a money back guarantee. Each unit is hand built by highly skilled and fully trained engineers in our dedicated facility based in Greenwich, South East London

The StorDigital duplicator range is the most comprehensive in the market place and has been developed to meet the demands of our diverse range of customers. StorDigital duplicators offer unsurpassable degrees of quality and service thanks to strict quality assurance measures we have developed and implemented over the years. To date we have sold in excess of 14,000 StorDigital duplicators and are a world-wide known and trusted brand. We offer tower duplicators that can print, connect to PCs, add copy protection, are network connectable and can read from card media.

Our duplicators are better because we use better cases, better controllers, better power supplies, and the best drives. We also follow strict quality assurance measures to ensure that all of our duplicators are built to the same exact high standard, time after time.

Do not be fooled by over-rated and under-experienced companies who sell lower quality products backed up by poor overseas support. StorDigital and CD-writer.com Ltd is a home grown British business. We are proud of our products, our staff, our company and our customers and we are totally dedicated to giving our customers value for money and the highest quality products.

A few £££’s saved at the time of purchase can cost a great deal more in lost production, greater expense from an increased number of failed discs, and lost personal time spent chasing off/shore or inadequate technical support.

So if you are looking for a high quality duplicator that has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard, backed up by professional UK based technical support then choose StorDigital, the name to trust in duplication.

The new 3 year warranty comes as standard on StorDigital Premium Tower Duplicators, LightScribe Duplicators and other DVD and CD Duplicators across the range.

Call StorDigital Systems or CD-writer.com Ltd on 020 8293 0777

Karaoke disc duplicator option now on all StorDigital Duplicators.

Karaoke is as popular as ever in pub and clubs across the country. In the past many of our customer have enjoyed the benefits afforded by our specialist Karaoke Duplicators. By owning a Karaoke duplicator its possible to make copies of Karaoke discs for distribution to your agents (where copyright laws permit). Even if you just want to make single back ups a StorDigital CD CD duplicator with Karaoke option is a fast and easy way to do it. Increasingly users are creating their very own Karaoke CD using specialist Karaoke creation software. In theory you could create your own range of Karaoke discs to resell to end users (where copyright laws permit).

If you are thinking of buying a DVD or CD duplicator today and you are interested in music CD duplication then be sure to take our optional and low cost Karaoke duplication upgrade since this will ensure the device you purchase is capable of copying CD-Text, Karaoke, CD+G and ISRC data. Perfect for anyone establishing a business in music CD duplication, perhaps supporting labels or bands.

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Rimage extends “Cash for Clunkers” Trade in offer across the range.

Rimage Disc Publsiher Trade In

Rimage have extended their disc publisher trade in offer to include 5400, 6100, 7100 and 8100 models. This means if you are looking to upgrade your disc production facility then a Rimage Producer solution is now more affordable than ever. The maximum rebate achievable is £3695 which is discounted (against a publisher trade-in) when purchasing an 8100N model.

The trade-in offer plan has already proved popular for CD-writer.com customers purchasing the Rimage 5400N twin drive desktop solution with intergrated Everest Thermal Printer. It’s great news that the deal is now extended accross the range.

Trade In and Get Cash Back  

With trade in cash back values of up to £3,695* for any competitive disc publishing systems or an existing Rimage  disc system when they buy a new Rimage Professional range unit! 

Rimage Producer Trade-In Value

5400N £1,652.17

5400N with 1 Year onsite warranty £1,956.52

6100N £1,305.00

7100N £2,390.00

8100N £3,695.00

To find out more how you can benefit from this limited time offer, call the CD-writer.com sales team on 020 8293 0777.

Create Personalised JigSaws with Puzla.com the custom JigSaw website

Puzla.com - personalised jigsaw website

Puzla.com is a personalised jigsaw creation website available for use now from CD-writer.com Ltd. Puzla.com offers users the option to upload their own images and choose from a range of different jigsaw styles. The jigsaws are then hand produced at our Greenwich printing facility before being lovingly packed, along with a personalised message for shipping to the named recipient. Puzla.com is still in test mode but feel free to make a customised jigsaw online today at Puzla.com.

Duraty DVD cases with “M”-Lock available now at CD-writer.com

Duraty Cases

CD-writer.com has now sourced supply of the Duraty DVD cases featuring the M-Lock disc retaining method. Theses cases whilst more expensive offer better retention and protection of DVD other disc based product whilst in transit. Cheaper DVD cases and in some instances Amaray cases allow the disc to drop away from its central retainer.
Duraty DVD cases have proven to be the best at securing the disc, according to our customer.

Find out more about Duraty DVD cases here

Epson Disc Producers Range Discounted at CD-writer.com

Epson Disc Producer

In an increasingly competitive market Epson have taken an insightful decision to lower the retail prices of PP-100 and PP-50 Disc Producer range. The discounts make the already popular brand of disc publisher attractive to an even wider market.

The strong Epson brand name is not the only reason the disc producer has managed to chip away at an already crowded market.  The fact that the product is well designed, of robust construction and perfectly executed makes it the disc publisher of choice for those customers choosing to produce their own discs, in volume for the first time.

The Epson Disc Producer features a choice of 100 or 50 disc capacities, support PC and MAC and is available in a range of configurations.

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