Karaoke disc duplicator option now on all StorDigital Duplicators.

Karaoke is as popular as ever in pub and clubs across the country. In the past many of our customer have enjoyed the benefits afforded by our specialist Karaoke Duplicators. By owning a Karaoke duplicator its possible to make copies of Karaoke discs for distribution to your agents (where copyright laws permit). Even if you just want to make single back ups a StorDigital CD CD duplicator with Karaoke option is a fast and easy way to do it. Increasingly users are creating their very own Karaoke CD using specialist Karaoke creation software. In theory you could create your own range of Karaoke discs to resell to end users (where copyright laws permit).

If you are thinking of buying a DVD or CD duplicator today and you are interested in music CD duplication then be sure to take our optional and low cost Karaoke duplication upgrade since this will ensure the device you purchase is capable of copying CD-Text, Karaoke, CD+G and ISRC data. Perfect for anyone establishing a business in music CD duplication, perhaps supporting labels or bands.

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