Xfactor 2009 – chooses StorDigital as DVD production systems provider

CD-writer.com Ltd and StorDigital Systems are proud to be supporting XFactor 2009. TalkBackThames recently came to CD-writer.com Ltd for help solving their DVD distribution requirements as they work their way through the hopefulls at BootCamp 2009.

We are very pleased to be supporting what has turned out to be such an important part of the annual TV calendar.

See more XFACTOR 2009 and discover our own very own ‘Coco’ Vicky Lloyd (face of CD-writer.com) with her band Kandy Rain.

Get technical with MicroBoards – copy protecting DVD

Just as we have said previously MicroBoards offer the sort of personal service that you can normally only dream of attaining. In this post we’re looking at some of the more advanced technical features supported by the MicroBoards disc publishers.

Here we’re looking at the VideoWrite copy protection system and the merge field option in Surething (software that ships with MicroBoards)

VideoWrite is an easy to use dongle based application (you get credits on a USB key). Here’s a walk through from Ian Lawrence on the MicroBoards support team.

Using VideoWrite Copy Protection:

The VideoWrite option within PrintWrite allows you to copy protect any correctly formatted Video ISO file. This process has been added to the Burn Image project, allowing you to quickly and easily perform the needed steps to protect the video DVD content you produce using your Microboards Disc Publisher.

VideoWrite does not alter your original Video image file, but makes a protected copy of your file. While this allows you to retain the original file unchanged, it does require hard drive space on your PC. As the Burn Protected File process also takes additional hard drive space, you should plan on having at least enough additional free space for twice the size of the original file. For example, if you have a 4.35GB video ISO file you want to protect and burn, you will need an additional 8.8 GB of free hard drive space.

If the .ISO file you have selected is in the correct format for a Video image that has not been previously protected by VideoWrite and the VideoWrite USB Key is in place, the option to Copy protect the image file with VideoWrite will be available.
The available Burns Remaining on the key and the status of the ISO file will also be displayed.

Place a check in the box if you want to protect the image file. The Protection information will be displayed, showing the name of the protected file (the word ‘Protected’ will be added to the name), the file size, progress of the protection process and the Start Protection button.

Click the Start Protection button to create the protected file. The progress bar will show you how far along the protection process is. You can cancel the protection process by clicking the Cancel Protection button.

Once copy protection is complete, the File Name will change automatically to that of the protected image file, the Status will show that the selected file is protected, and the Copy Protection controls will be hidden. If the image file you originally selected is already protected, the Status will say so, and you will not need to protect the file again.

After the Volume Name and Number of Copies are entered in, click the Start button to submit the project. If you are using VideoWrite Copy Protection, you can only burn as many discs as you have Burns Remaining on your USB key.

Please note that any video DVDs protected and burned using VideoWrite protection will not be able to be duplicated, including in a Microboards duplicator. All production must be performed using the VideoWrite protection on your Microboards Disc Publisher.

Next time we’ll look at merging data into live text field on CDs and DVD in order to dynamically customise, personalise or serialise discs during production.

MicroBoards Disc Publisher products the best yet.

MicroBoards Technology manufacture some of the best systems for the in-house production of disc. Its’s easy to make a list of unique selling points that help differentiate their disc publishers and disc printers from comparative units manufactured by their competitors. Unfortunately MicroBoards has never experienced the market penetration attained by the market leaders, Primera. For this reason many uneducated customers may dismiss Microboards, purely because,

01) they haven’t heard of it

02) their friend told them a Primera Bravo was better.

As a completely impartial company, with UK stock of all lines from Primera and Microboards, we can say that the present range of MicroBoards products are excellent. Like Primera units they support both MAC and PC, but they have a host of features that mean they really lead the pack. The build quality is in another league to the competition, the throughput it often twice that of the competition, the ink costs are half that of the competition and the print quality is maybe 20% to 30% better than the competition.

Whats more, the MicrobBoards product range is distributed and supported by MicroBoards UK, and guess what, they are in the UK. The icing on the cake is the fact that the MicroBoards employees, staff and team are some of the nicest people you could ever have the fortune to work alongside. At CD-writer.com we have worked hand in had with them since they first came to market. They are both competitor and supplier and friends.

MicroBoards was and aways will be the outsider due to their late entry to the market, and true enough many of their products have been received with mixed reviews, but I can tell you today, that the present line of disc printers and publishers from MicroBoards, beat the competition hands down.

OK so a Primera Bravo is good, but the MicroBoards MX2 or PF-PRO is better.

See Microboards Disc Publishers

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