List of CD,DVD and Blu-Ray optical disc manufacturers past and present.

Ancient Media

Here is a list of all the companies who were or are involved in the production of write-one optical discs CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R) * Licensed by Philips.

3A Media Produktion (Austria)
Adivan High Tech AG (Switzerland)
Advance Mega Magnetic Media Co. (Hong Kong)     
Advanced Digital Media S.r.l. (Italy)    
Advanced Optical Disc (The Netherlands)
Anyang Sunny Mastering Products Co., Ltd. (China)*
BeAll Developers, Inc. (Korea)
CDA Datenträger Albrechts GmbH (Germany)*   
Chin Shing Manufacturing Ltd. (Hong Kong)     
China East Technology (Hong-Kong)     
CMC Magnetics Corp. (Taiwan ROC*
Computerskill Ltd. (India)     
Creation-Optical Greece SA (Greece)     
Datapulse Technology Ltd. (Singapore)*
DATAREX S.r.l. (Italy)     
Daxon Technology Inc. (Taiwan ROC)     
Delphi Technology Inc. (Taiwan ROC)    
Digital Data Technologies Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)     
Digital Storage Co., Ltd (Taiwan ROC)    
E-Top Navigator Technology Inc. (Taiwan ROC)    
EDD Bizz GmbH (Germany)     
Euro Digital Disc Manufacturing GmbH (Germany)     
Euro Multivision Ltd. (India)     
Eximpo AS (Czech Republic)     
Factory Group S.A. (Paraguay)*
Falcon Technologies International L.L.C. (UAE)*
Finex Disc Technology (Hong Kong)*
Fortis Technology Co. Ltd (Taiwan ROC)
Fortune (Jiangsu) Multimedia Co., Ltd. (China)*
FTI Falcon Technologies (UAE)     
Fujifilm (Japan)     
General Magnetics Ltd. (Singapore)    
Giant Base Technology Ltd. (Hong Kong)     
Gigastorage Corp. (Taiwan ROC)    
Global Digital Disc GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)*
Grand Technology Co. Ltd. (China)    
Guangdong Geerda Science & Technology (China)     
Guangdong Yuedong Magnetoelectric Co. (China)         
Handsfull Technology Corp./Vakoss (Taiwan ROC)     
Hellodisc Technology Co., Ltd (Taiwan ROC)    
Henan Standard Disc (China)    
Hitachi Maxell Ltd. (Japan)*
Info Source Storage Media Ltd (Hong Kong)*
Infomedia (Taiwan)    
infosmart Technology Ltd (Hong-Kong), subsidiary of Mega Century
Inter Media Co., Ltd. (Japan)     
Jet-Thai Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Jilin Qingda Optical Disc (China)*
K-Well Corporation (Taiwan ROC)     
KHypermedia Corporation (USA)    
KODA Technology Limited (Hong-Kong)
Kunshan Hutek Co., Ltd. (China)* 
Lead Data (Taiwan ROC)    
Lena Optical Disc (HK Computer Instrument) (Hong Kong)
Lingstar Enterprises Ltd. (Hong Kong)     
Link Pacific Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong)    
M3 Technology (China)     
Maoming Gainfast Science & Technology Dev. Co., Ltd. (China)*
Maxell Ltd. (Japan)     
MDA Technology (Hong Kong)    
MediaStar Technology Ltd. (Hong Kong)     
Medisk (Iran)     
Megamedia Corp. (Taiwan ROC)     
Melody Technology Corp. (Taiwan ROC)    
Micro Galaxy International Co. Ltd. (Taiwan ROC)    
Mirage Recordable Media (China)     
Mirex Company Ltd. (Russia)*
Mitsubishi Chemical Infonics Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)*
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)*
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd. (Japan)*
MJC (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Moser-Baer India Ltd. (India)*
MPO Media (France)    
Must Tech (Taiwan)     
Nan Ya Plastics Corp. (Taiwan ROC)     
New Star Digital Co. Ltd. (Korea)
Optical Digital Technologies S.A. (Greece)*
Optodisc Technology Corp. (Taiwan ROC)     
Pangol MediaTec (China)     
Panstar Electronic Co. (Thailand)    
Pengo Technologies (China)     
Penmax Technologies Corp. (Taiwan ROC)    
Phoenitech Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Philips (Nederland)    
Pioneer El. Corp. Business Systems Div. (Japan)
Plasmon Data (USA)     
Pop Media Technology (Hong Kong)     
Princo Corp. Data Storage Division (Taiwan ROC)
Prodisc Technology Inc. (Taiwan ROC)     
Promedia International Ltd. (Hong Kong)    
R-Planet (Italy)     
Radius Co., Ltd. (Japan)     
Ritek Corp. (Taiwan ROC)*
Ritek Vietnam Company Limited (Vietnam)*   
Shantou S.E.Z. Wo Hing Radio & Video Co., Ltd. (China)    
Shenzhen SG&SAST Digital (China)     
Shing Hae Technology Co. (Taiwan ROC)
Sony Corp. (Japan)
Sony DADC Austria AG (Austria)*
Skytech Media Ltd. (Hong Kong)         
Swing Technology Ltd. (Hong Kong)     
Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd. (Japan)*
Tarako International (Taiwan)    
Techno Plus SpA (Italy)     
Teltron S.A. (Argentina)*
Trendes d.o.o/Anni (Slovenia)    
UL TRAN Technology & Service Corp. (Taiwan OC)     
UmeDisc Ltd. (Hong Kong)    
Universal Asia Technology Co. (Taiwan ROC)     
UniversalDisc (Alger, Algeria)
Ural Electron Plant Ltd. (Russia)*   
Verbatim Americas, LLC (USA)*  
Verbatim Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia)*
Verbatim Limited (UK)*
Verbatim Limited (Singapore)
Videolar SA (Brazil)*
Wing Shing Optical Disc Co. Ltd (Hong Kong)     
Zhanijiang Hualijin (China)

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Microboards G3 Disc Publisher reviewed, at last, by

The MicroBoards G3P-100 has been on the market in the UK for well over a year now and I have to admit we have been slow to feature this review. Normally the market for disc publishers at this price point is dominated by solutions manufactured by Primera, but now due to contractions in the market, product innovation and a competitive pricing strategy from MicroBoards the game has changed.

Weighing in at a paltry 12kg and measuring 23cm x 40cm x 45cm, the Microboards G3 Disc Publisher is both a joy to behold…..and a doddle to use. Straight out of the box, it’s small foot-print enables the G3 to, unobstrusively, sit on the desk near my PC – though, this network-enabled baby can be put to work almost anywhere.


With a perusal of the excellent quick-start guide, the hardware set-up and software installation is a fairly painless operation – all the necessary software such as PrintWrite 2 (for recording), and SureThing (for label design) is installed in one go and, in no time at all, I was able to copy a 4.25GB DVD, complete with a classy, full-colour printed label. The actual printing process took a measly 1 minute and 24 seconds.

The G3 can be connected to a PC, or a Mac, and handles up to 50 CDs or DVDs at a time. Inside the sleek looking, durable black plastic exterior lurks a high-performance DVD/CD writer (24X DVD / 48X CD / 8X BD) cleverly attached to a 4800 dpi HP printer. The blank discs are loaded at the top in the well-established Microboards fashion, and are neatly stacked in the enclosed output bin after the copying and printing has finished.

My only gripe, and it’s a small one, is there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of visible on-screen information regarding the G3’s current operation – example, waiting while the temporary disc image of the DVD was created, seemed to take ages and I could well have gone to make a cup of tea and some toast had there been a process countdown feature (sorry, Microboards, if there IS one that I did not enable!).

Nevertheless, the attractive G3 Disc Publisher is a quality machine that further enhances Microboards reputation as a manufacturer of some of the best and most innovative duplication products available. (insert remaining screen shots)

(c) Duperman 2012