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 DVD Label Printer

Increasingly individuals in the business of producing CD or DVD products have turned away from producing disc fisnished with an adhesive label. The stick on label is now considered to be a little unprofessional. Glossy inkjet printed labels can still look very impressive however, but those using the process or using discs that have a CD label adhered should consider teh fact that it may come off inside their CD or DVD player. Labels coming away from the disc is not common, but it is known, usually after the adhesive has dried allowing the CD DVD label to come away. This is often caused by forces encountered by the disc since it rotates at such high speed.

The term DVD Label printer or CD label printer is often used to describe a product used to print directly to a CD or DVD. The concept of having a printer dedicated to printing adhesive labels is no longer relevant. Primera and MicroBoards may be considered to be the 2 leading manufacturers of DVD label printers. They offer a wide range of well designed disc printers that can be used to print discs in volumes determined by production demand.

Primera produce an attractively priced CD label printer for entry level production. The Primera Bravo SE AutoPrinters is designed for use with a MAC or a PC and can produce up 10 100 discs per day a couple of times per week. It has 20 disc capacity and a single ink cartridge. It’s cheap to buy and is a great entry point for those looking to produce professionally finished CD and DVD products in house. Primera product are available in printer and publisher models (copy and print) and extend into larger capacity and more versatile units.

MicroBoards probably produce the ‘king among men’ of CD and DVD Label printers. The MicroBoards Print Factory Pro is an exception printer and comes after years of development. 100 Disc capacity and featuring 4 individual ink resevoirs the MicroBoards print factory pro features the most advanced load and print system in the market. Not only is the PFPRO fast, but print quality is exceptional. CD label printing with the PrintFactory Pro is economical too due to a highly efficient ink cartridge system that means you get many more disc prints for your money.

These 2 products represent just too lines from the extensive product portfolio at CD-writer.com. We have larger capacity DVD label printers that are operated over the network with capacities of up to 600 disc and we have manually operated CD label printers that for doing just a few discs per week. Whatever your requirement you can be sure that at CD-writer.com we will have the solution to meet your needs. Call us today on 020 8293 0777.

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