MicroBoards PrintFactory Pro Customer Case Study

Capture – Edit – Stream – Relive your Event

“My client requires quality prints and speed… to deliver their DVD and CD
media. ” Philippe Meurrens- Brussels – Belgium

Because the image is an effective tool to strengthen exchanges with
customers, suppliers, partners, employees or associates , MediaEvent
manufactures your movies on any media like CD-ROM, DVD and BluRay, internet, podcasts, streaming and integration on digital information displays. Mediaevent offers the design of all these means of communications and integrate it in allexisting diffusion-media on the market.

An event is unique.? Thanks to MediaEvent the memory of the event remains unique … forever.

The event can also be recorded on an interactive DVD and delivered in a
beautiful box customized to the event ..

Mediaevent duplicates itselfs his DVD’s and CD’s, with a tower made of
duplicators with components supplied by CD-writer.com 7 Pioneers recorders,1 Acard control unit, 1 Box and power supply . You can, if you want purchase assembled duplication towers at CD-writer.com

The tower can duplicate 7 DVD every 6 min. The media (CD or DVD) are printed in Full Color up to 4800 dpi with a printing robot MicroBoards PF Pro printer.

This robot allows me, with easy, to print up to 100 DVD or CD in a time. The
advantage of PF Pro Printer MicroBoards is not only reliability but also it is a
very economical printer. Having for each color a separate cartridge (Cyan 28ml -Magenta 28 ml Yellow 28 ml – Black 56 ml) I print between 1000 and 1500 DVDs with the cartridges. The printing cost varies between 6 eurocents and 15 eurocents a DVD. (Depending on the colors used, the percentage of printsurface and print quality) loading the DVD goes smoothly. The “Gillotin” takes each DVD one by one, and load it in the high quality HP-printer. 30 to 60 seconds later the media is put out at the front of the printer. ( the 100 medias are harvested there )

“Which is great with this printer is that I put it all started and … 1 hour and half later my 100 DVD’s are ready to be delivered to my clients. That’s profitability!”

I am using Photoshop® to make my lay-outs. The print driver works fine ( on a Mac 10.5.6 system ) and is very easy to use. It is a pity that the interface for Mac doesn’t includes color settings, which is included in operating systems for PC’s. I have the choice between Graphic quality and photo quality. In these choices you can choose Best and High DPI. I use high quality DVD like Tayo Yuden. And then using “Glossy-DVDs” the impressions are “more pro”. Amazing!

Why a Microboards PF Pro Printer ?

For several years I printed my DVDs and CDs with a printer Canon Pixma 4500. This printer prints at 4800 DPI and works with 4 different color cartridges. I was in search of a robot-printer that could give me the same quality of printing.

The team of professionals from CD-writer.com helped me to choose this DVD-CD printer. They advised me according to my criteria of requirements, print speed, quality, reliability and economics, the robot Printing MicroBoards PF Pro.

If you are looking for a DVD/CD printer with high-quality, economic prints, there is one model, the MicroBoards PF Pro-printer and I can advise you to purchased them at CD-writer.com ( professional- competent – price – pro advice). The purchase goes very fast. Make your order at CD-writer.com, pay your invoice and 3 to 4 days later you can enjoy your Microboards PF Pro printer.