David Bridle Blows CD-writer.com Trumpet

It seems we no longer need to blow our own trumpets, since our customers are happy to purse up to their own horn instruments.

We recently got the following feedback from independant video producer, web / print designer and all round creative David Bridle. You can see their company profile here.


Thursday 5th March became a very bad day. It started off well enough, blue sky, sun and birds chirping, the usual niceties a day has before it decides to dump all over you. I got up, got ready for the day ahead knowing that I was going to London to do some filming, for an MPIUK event at Canada House, Trafalgar Sq. As I got to work everyone was in a jolly mood and so we joked and planned what we were going to do over the next few days to maximise our time while Paul was in the country. So we decided that we needed to do some video editing for his presentations.

I went to the studio and fired up the iMac with the 1TB Lacie HD attached. This is where things start going down hill, the HD would not mount, the power brick was hissing like gas coming out of a pipe and to top it all off the disk would not spin. This has all of my video projects for the last three years on it. It has the latest products that we have developed, our new Be Inspired series, which is rolling out in the next week or two. Everything! So now in my mind I have our latest products burnt off onto DVDs, so all I need to do is duplicate them before Sunday when Paul leaves for Australia and takes them with him.

So I get straight onto the internet to find a DVD duplicating system. I search through all sorts of sites and find CD-WRITER.COM. I look at there site, I find a 3 DVD copier, I talk with Paul about it and place my order. I proceeded to call them up and find out if they could get the burner to me for Friday or Saturday at the latest. At this point I didn’t elaborate on the problem I was facing and simply asked the question. However, I called back to ask if they could get it to me for Saturday and I expanded on why it was so urgent. The lovely lady at the other end was extremely helpful, she took onboard my problem and got on to helping me out. Let me point out that the reason they couldn’t do the Friday delivery was because they needed to assemble the burner. They didn’t have any pre-assembled. At this point the lady informed me that they could get the burner to me for Saturday but it will cost £40 extra for delivery on the weekend. Ok, so I agreed, however she said I will see if I can get this to you for Friday morning.

Now I am traveling down to London to do the filming. I receive an email informing me that the burner is now despatched and is shipping to me. Excellent, thinking that it will get to me Saturday. So the rest of the day goes by and I am happy that at least one on of my problems will be solved. The LaCie HD on the other hand is another issue.

I awoke this morning to find another email telling me that the burner is now out for delivery and will be delivered at the latest of 3pm. I am now extremely pleased, the burner has moved forward in time and will have ample time to get the DVDs burnt fantastic. I get to work just after 9am, we are all talking away in the kitchen when an Interlink delivery van pulls up. Oh yes the DVD burner has arrived. I am ecstatic, I have even more time and this is good.

Now I look at this whole episode and wonder why a company has gone out of its way to get that burner to me. They didn’t have to, they could have settled for the extra cash for delivery on the Saturday. No they didn’t do that, they went for the harder option of getting this burner assembled quicker, and sending out on that days shipment. Why? becasue they want the business, they want the repeat business, they care about their customers so much that they GOT IT DONE!

[/End Excerpt]

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