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The range of duplicators available from CD-writer.com is unmatched in the industry. Our own brand of StorDigital DVD, CD, Blu-ray and Flash Media production systems has been a favourite of UK digital media professionals for over 10 years. All of our products are, built, tested and supported from our Greenwich facility based in the south east of London.

Our product range is constantly evolving in order to address the changing needs of our customers. Customers are already familiar with our best selling range of premium duplicators, offering the highest standards of quality, built with components from industry leading manufacturers, always ensuring robust operation and backed up by the most comprehensive warranty and technilcal support in the business. StorDigital, really is the name to trust in duplication.

Advanced users can benefit from some fantastic innovations that allow for more complex task to be perfomed with ease. By working with StorDigital duplication houses can benefit from solutions such as Network Attached duplication, DVD video copy protection, LightScribe disc printing, Daisy Chain Duplicators thas can be expanded, Flash media duplicators and Blu-Ray duplicator for HD and large capacity storage requirements.

Why would my company need a network duplicator?

Increasingly large corporations might choose not to include optical drives in client terminals across the network. Network users will still require the functionality of optical disc burning however; and the StorDigital NETBurner is the perfect solution. StorDigital NETBurner, network attached tower duplicator offers network wide access to the hard drive of the tower duplicator. Remote users can drag and drop content from their terminals, clients and network PCs directly to the hard drive of the duplicator. Onc eon the duplicator the users data is stored in named partitions ready to be mass duplicated by the tower operator. This is a great function for large organisations that need totla and seamless control over their duplication process.

How does DVD Video copy protection with StorDigital SafeTower work?
StorDigital DVD Video copy protection towers effectively hinder the unauthroised duplication and ripping of video contents. The protection technology is applied via a combination of hard and software technologies thats supports the application of a secure zone to the master discs. The master disc is protected by using special software supplied for use on a PC. Once a master diusc has been protected it can only be compied in thepy proection enabled duplicator via which unlimited copies of prtected discs can be made. This solution ensures that protected discs can be produced and distributed at the lowest possible cost per unit. Copy protection credit are supplied via a dongle that is purchased in unit of 100, 500 and 1000. Each StorDigital Safetower ships with a 5 disc protect license included in the cost of the duplicator.

Copying and printing with LightScribe via a StorDigital PrintTower

LightScribe disc printing is probably one of the most usefull technologies ever developed for optical disc media, yet so few people use it. For duplication services providers or for those producing disc product as part of their business, the ease of production adn the durable nature of lightscribe pritned discs makes them a very attractive proposition. Its true lightscribe discs do cost a few pennies more, and the time to print can sometimes feel prohibitive, equally some people may be put off by what seems like limited printing abilities. LightScribe printing however has a good many strengths including; A very low entry point to disc printing, clean and efficient with low consumable costs and the fianl prints are very durable and wont run or smudge. In reality LightScribe disc printing can be compared to the more expensive monochrome thermal printing achieved by printers like Rimage Prism.

How does LightScribe printing with StorDigital work?
LIghtScribe disc printing with a StorDigital PrintTower could not be simpler. Using the LightScribe disc labelling software supplied with the duplicator, users will either create a lebel or import artwork designed in an application like photoshop. Once happy with the design the user will export the LightScrieb print file and burn to a disc. Assuming you have first copied your discs, you will nto turn your disc over so the pritn surface is facing down, then insert the master containing the print design to the duplicator reader. Choose the Print functions from the duplicator control panel and GO!. All inserted discs will now receive the print label created on the host PC. Burn It, FLip IT, Print It with a StorDigital Print Tower.

Get connected with the StorDigital Link Tower, expandable daisy-chain duplicator.
Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly how much production power you need to initially invest in when purchasing duplication technology. You need to test the market and discover the potential demand.

One way to do this is to invest in an expandable duplcation system from StorDigital. The LinkTower is available in modules of 15 drives, housed in a compact steel cube. Each cube module is linkable with another unit offering the potential for an nfinitely expandable duplication system. Having an expandable duplication system is preferable over mutiple individual towers when you need to make many copies of the same disc in the shortest possible time. For example individuals or comapnies who offer live duplication services will be able to record a single master that could be used to copy 100 CDs in just 3 minutes if they had 7 ‘Link Towers’. Whatsmore each ‘Link Tower’ module also works completely independently meaning that each unit can either be working on a single production job or lots of individual jobs, meaning you get real scalability and flexibility as and when you need it.

Share your content in a flash with Flash Media duplicators from StorDigital
The optical media market is still alive and well but many customers are tempted to try distribution via USB memory stich. Additionally many industries now require that SD cards are mass produced as part of normal working practices. GPS devices and delivery drivers are typical target markets for SD products.

The StorDigital duplication range offer a full range of standalone SD, CD and USB duplication and copying devices. From 7 to 118 target drives we can offer a solution that can do fast simple copies to more complex workflow solutions that might support media streaming and copy protection. Falsh media duplication and its applications is a market very much in its infancy, but the CD-writer.com company and team that supports it knows well the potential of this new and exciting area. Call us today on 020 8293 0777 to discuss your flash media duplication needs.

Blu-Ray Duplication – high capcity storage for movies, media and more

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