MicroBoards CX Series publisher now support MAC

Looking to get the most out of your Microboards disc publisher?  Now
available for use on the Mac with Microboards disc publishers is PrintWrite
software, created by Microboards engineers specifically for use with the
MX-1, MX-2, GX and now the CX Disc Publisher.  PrintWrite is an easy-to-use
program that operates using an intuitive drag-and-drop method.  The
dashboard overview feature shows current ink levels, recent jobs submitted,
job status, and more.

PrintWrite Mac software is the latest innovation from Microboards
Technology. Created specifically for Microboards disc publishers by
Microboards engineering team, PrintWrite encompasses a wide array of unique
features.  The goal of PrintWrite software is to keep the task of disc
publishing amazingly simple for novice users, while at the same time
introducing advanced options and special features for the expert-level user.

The PrintWrite Mac software allows a variety of tasks to easily be
completed.  Burn a music CD to listen to in a CD player.  Create a video
that will play in a DVD player.  Copy content from one disc to another.
Backup important data files.  And print flashy, high-quality labels to boot.
With PrintWrite, you can do it all!

Since PrintWrite was designed specifically for Microboards products by
Microboards engineers, preparing a job to publish has never been easier. The
dashboard-style view gives a detailed overview of everything currently
happening-job status, job list, system status, ink levels, and more, making
it easy to monitor and navigate. All jobs can be saved and retrieved for
future use.

For the advanced user, specialized options are available. Batch Copy
features the ability to insert a stack of discs, masters and blanks, and
record accordingly, assigning specific print labels. Create Image and Burn
Image allow the creation and duplication of the entire content of a disc
using industry-standard ISO files. And the Erase Disc function deletes the
contents of rewritable discs.

Design your label to print using any popular graphics program, like Adobe
Photoshop(r) or Corel Draw(r), then import into PrintWrite to print labels
on the discs.  Set up jobs to burn a music CD, then print a particular
label.  PrintWrite stores the most recently used label designs, and displays
them in a scrolling window, making it easy for you to choose the label you
want.  Design labels with full bleed; PrintWrite will automatically crop
your artwork into the printable area of the disc, whether its hub-printable
or not.

PrintWrite was designed for use with the GX Disc Publisher and MX-1 and MX-2
Industrial Disc Publishers. All units will now be shipped with PrintWrite
software, and users.

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