Thermal disc printers

If you are looking for reliable thermal printing solutions I would like to recommend following:
for black only prints:

Scribe Print Station with Prism 600 Disc Capacity

The Scribe PC Print Station Series offers the most versatility and flexibility of any desktop on the market today. Simply add a Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse, and you are now ready to enjoy the full power of a Microsoft XP Pro based system which can be accessed from any desktop PC with our exclusive license-free Scribe PC Network Client. The Scribe PC Print Station can be configured with Inkjet or Thermal Printing. Disc capacity is from 300 to 600 discs. The Scribe PC Professional Grade Print Station offers printing directly from a pdf file.

DP-9104 PST
£5945.00 Exc. VAT

£6985.38 Inc. VAT…

And for full colour prints:

Rimage Everest 600 Autoprinter

The Rimage Everest 600 AutoPrinter comes equipped with a 400-bin carousel. This carousel has a 300 disc input capacity with the remaining bin used for output. When the first input bin is empty it becomes the second output bin, and so on. In this manner, the AutoPrinter can print up to 300 discs without a single operator intervention. AutoPrinters come with Rimage’s state of the art Producer series robotics. These robotics are driven by a closed loop servo motor system and a reinforced, toothed belt. The picker rides on roller bearings and slide rails and takes only 2 seconds per movement. The picker is steel and will pick from a plane of 85·- 95·. The AutoPrinter comes with CD Designer, software to create the artwork for your discs and to drive the printer. CD Designer has a complete set of file import capabilities, text creation capabilities, object creation tools, bar code generation and more. An optical sensor in the Rimage transporter detects a small index mark that is silk-screened in the index ring along with your silk-screened design. The transporter then rotates the disc to the correct orientation so your customized printing will always be aligned with your original silk-screened artwork. For optimum throughput, ease of use, and support that is tops in the industry – Rimage Everest 600 AutoPrinter is the clear choice.

£6241.30 Exc. VAT

£7333.53 Inc. VAT


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