Hi, can you please tell me the approximate production costs per CD-R, CD ROM and DVD5 using this machine, say producing 35000 units a year?

Typically 19ml of ink for a Primera disc publisher costs £25 pounds. With 19ml of ink you can expect to print 400 discs with 20% mixed ink coverage, 130 prints with 70% mixed ink coverage, or 40 prints full surface of a single colour. So the cost per disc print is dependent on your artwork, ie how much of the disc is covered in ink, what mix of colours you have. To an extent you can reduce ink usage via printer config, reducing saturation and in some cases using different disc may reduce the absorbtion. Our advise is to work within the boundaries of the medium, and ensure your customers have an understanding of what is achievable. In addition to this typically a CD might cost 12p and a DVD 14p. From a commercial point of view using simpler and less ink intensive designs will speed production, reduce unit costs, and increase the durability of the disc. Everybody wins. Primera Bravo Ink