Birgit Bidder, Parking Lot Paradise – Music Review

Birgit Bidder sings from the heart and she has a voice that deserves to be heard. In Parking Lot Paradise, another of this talented Swede’s own compositions, she tells a sad story of frustrated love ( ahh!), but in such a pleasant way that the heartfelt lyrics are joyfully swaddled in a comforting meld of soulful, country-rock tuneage; far from being moody, this is a catchy and well uplifting bit of music. There are syrupy, swirling keyboards and guitars aplenty, with a crisp, reverby tom-tom adding tasteful punctuation to the sixties sounding mix. And wow, it sounds as if Duane Eddy, himself, played the licks on the bridge section – if so, that’s got to be a major coup! To cap that, the track tails off with a tenor sax solo over the chorus that’s as dirty as you could possibly want…nice touch. All in all, a highly polished, mature sound from someone so young (and Swedish!)

This track is a taster from the forthcoming LP ‘ The Life Home’ due out later this year on Kerstin Records.

I’d say this is one lady to keep your eye (and ear) on. And probably the best way to do that is to check out the stunning, target=”_blank”>film noir style Parking Lot Paradise video (which I understand was shot on location in Sweden by Birgit and crew with borrowed cameras).

Birgit Bidder is coming…..get ready.

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