StorDigital SafeTower improves the security of duplication data.

Ensure the security of data with a StorDigital SafeTower
SafeTower duplicators offer removable harddrives for total data security

New from StorDigital the SafeTower security enabled DVD CD duplicator offers users the confidence to data security in duplication operation.

Data security is a top priority for most companies. Thanks to StorDigital Systems it is now possible to perform completely secure DVD, CD and Blu-Ray duplication operations with a SafeTower duplicator. By combining enhanced duplication control software with the latest technology StorDigital SafeTower can offer both password word protection and fully removable harddrives; ensuring that data used in the duplication data remains totally secure.

StorDigital Systems have added a new secure data CD and DVD copy tower to their range of premium tower CD and DVD duplicator systems. The best-selling range of duplicators, featuring configurations of between 1 and 21 DVD or CD recorders offer users a fast and easy-to-use solution for the production of larger volumes of discs. The new secure data features are available as part of a new package called the ‘StorDigital SafeTower’.

The ‘SafeTower’ features allow users to have more control over the security of their data and the production of their discs. One of the security enhancements is the provision of a removable hard drive, ideal for government bodies and businesses where data protection is necessary. The swap-able hard drive can be removed from the duplicator and locked away securely. Further protection is added to the unit by way of a password entry system that will prevent unauthorised access to the duplicator and its functions. Other revised features include an on-board disc counter to count how many jobs the unit has done and how many discs are copied in a particular job and hard drive partition naming (allowing users easier access to the discs they have stored on the duplicator hard drive).

‘We work hard to continually improve the quality and service offered by our products. The StorDigital SafeTower is a response to a changing market that recognises the need for tighter control over the access to data. The SafeTower duplicator will make a real difference to customers who need to feel confident that the are doing everything possible to ensure the security of their data,’ said Nic Ranshaw, Managing Director.

‘StorDigital tower duplicators offer exceptional value and are ideal for customers at all levels. Our client base includes police forces who might use the devices for circulating evidence, schools who might use the duplicators within media departments alongside professional audio and video production houses. We expect the SafeTower to be a priority purchase for any organisation that handles sensitive information.’ Ranshaw said.

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StorDigital SafeTower duplicators, featuring data security features are available to buy now from Ltd and StorDigital Systems on 0208 293 0777. Call now to register for your reseller account and start selling the UK’s favourite range of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Duplicators.

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About Ltd: was established in 1999 and has forged a reputation as one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of CD and DVD production systems. supplies a range of sectors including the media, financial institutions, government bodies and educational authorities. The company supplies equipment manufactured by Microboards, Primera, Rimage, MFDigital as well as StorDigital, its own brand of duplication systems. These include high capacity robotic auto copiers and manually operated high capacity tower copiers.

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