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Blu-Ray disc publishing is a service area that is showing signs of significant growth at With a growing installed base of Hi-Definition Blu-Ray players in the market-place the need to offer customers an HD solution is proving ever more important. The new range of Blu-Ray duplicators and printers from StorDigital offers video publishers a low cost opportunity to start publishing professionally finished Blu-Ray Discs, as well as standard DVDs and CDs.

StorDigital Blu-Ray duplicators have capacities ranging from single target tower copiers that require manual operation, through to 1000 disc capacity autoloaders that can work overnight. StorDigital also offers a range of automated disc printers that can support hi-resolution, glossy, waterproof printing directly onto the disc surface. The best selling StorDigital DP100 automated disc printer is based on an HP print engine and has 100 disc capacity.

New products introduced to the StorDigital range include LightScribe duplicators. By using patented HP LightScribe technology, StorDigital LightScribe duplicators have the ability to label the top surface of LightScribe discs with pictures and text. The range includes both tower copiers and automated versions with up to 1000 disc capacity. Using just the laser to create ‘labels’ means that StorDigital LightScribe duplicators offer a clean and effective alternative to inkjet and thermal based printing solutions.

Nic Ranshaw, Managing Director of and StorDigital Systems said “We expect 2009 to be a great year for DVD and Blu-Ray. Disc based media continues to be the preferred distribution method for rich media content. There has been lots of talk about decline in this market area but that’s really just a restructuring of the channel. It’s people like home-users and semi pro video producers who can now really capitalise on the opportunities afforded by producing disc based products in-house. It’s a great time for the independent producers and content owners, as customers are choosing to buy into the flexibility afforded by short run and disc-on-demand publishing solutions.”

He went on, “If you are not ready to invest in your own equipment then why not try our rapid duplication service, offering 24 hour turnaround on short run production jobs. It’s the perfect solution for customers with tight deadlines. With over 10 years experience in the supply of in-house solutions for the production of disc based media you can trust Ltd to have the best solution for you.” has the widest choice of digital media technology products in the UK. With a range of systems from Microboards, Rimage, Primera and StorDigital held in their Greenwich facility it makes sense to call today on 020 8293 0777 to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

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