Church sermons on CD – get your message heard

Sermons on CD    CD Duplicators for churches are becoming very important. More churches are now interested in recording their sermons and services driect to CD. If you are interested in purchasing CD Duplicators for Churches then Ltd can offer you an unbeatable deal.Churches who require equipment for CD recording, CD printing and CD duplicating NEED a simple plugin solution that offers good performance at a low price. In order to satisify the needs of most Churches we have combines a package that includes some of our most popular products.Whether you’re church is new to live recording or looking to step up to digital we have a solution to meet your needs and budget.

The 3 step process to CD duplication for churches and ministries.

Step One: Pre print your CDs in preparation for your event.  

Pre printing your discs will allow you to offer the professionally finishes and presented CDs. Most people use inkjet printers to print their CDs and DVDs. For the output required by a typically sized church the ideal system would be an automated CD printer. We recommend the Microboards Print Factory Pro See our range of CD printers here  , Primera Bravo Autoprinter or StorDigital DP100.

Step Two: Record your live sermons with the CD Audio Recorder.  

The Copywriter Live will accept standard analogue audio in feeds direct from your mixing desk or source. This will allow you to make live recordings of sermons, choir, readings, Sunday service and other events.  

This easy to use LIVE CD recorder will make a valuable addition to any church or ministry that wishes to make live digital recordings for CD production and distribution. No PC is required. See CopyWriter Live Audio CD Recorder here.  

Step Three: Use a StorDigital CD Duplicator to produce your pre-printed CDs  

By using a 7 Drive StorDigital CD DVD Duplicator you can rapidly duplicate the recorded CD in time to be handed out to parishioners as they leave. The StorDigial Premium tower CD duplication systems will produce a minimum of 15 CDs per 4 minutes. Allowing you to get your message out there. See the StorDigital 15 Drive CD DVD Duplicator here. See our range of products ideal for church duplication services here.

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