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Duplicators for Churches

Making Live recordings and duplications of Church sermons could not be easier thanks to the solutions available from Whether you need to create 100 discs to had out at the end of service or wish to produce serialised box sets for promotion via your church website we have a solution to match your needs.

Being located in Greenwich South East London we are well suited to receive visits from those customers wishing to have a product demo or get advice in order that they can more fully understand the process and profits associated with recording and delivery your own disc based products. Call us on 020 8293 0777 Monday to Friday to arrange your demo.

We have helped many church and faith organisations to fully understand disc production technology and offered impartial advice that ensures the correct purchase decision is made. No 2 customers requirements are exactly the same.

DupaLIVE Recording Live audio to PC is the most popular method for creating a spoken word sermon CD. These digiutal recording would then typically be edited and mastered on the PC. Next the you would use the PC to create a master discs to use as source for making duplicates via a tower duplicator.

This multi-step, time consuming process can seem confusing for the non-technically minded. Frotunately has the answer thanks to a new live recording and duplication solution from StorDigital called “DupaLIVE”.

DupaLIVE is a live event recorder and duplicator that is prconfigured to both record live audio and duplicate. It will even make multiple copies of the live recording, meaning that you can get your message into the hands of more people in a shorter time.

With DupaLIVE it is possible to record from multpile digital or analogue sources, preventing the requirements to setup multiple recording devices.

Whilst it is possilble to record a live feed directly to multiple discs in order to maximise the output of recorded discs, it may be necessary to edit the recorded files prior to duplication. StorDgitial DupaLIVE ships with the latest easy to use software that will ensure basis and professional audio editing is a breeze. Remember you are not permitted to record copyrighted music or aother audio material without agreemnt fromt he content owner.

DupaLIVE live event recorder and duplicator is perfect for small to medium sized churches and organistations. Offering a streamlined turnkey process, the total tiome to produce duplicate discs is significantly reduced via the streamlined process.

StorDigital DupaLIVE is a 10 target intelligent recording and duplication system, featuring an embedded PC running XP. DupaLIVE offers a cost effective solution to live duplication requirements on a very conservative budget.

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