How to print Taulman 618 Nylon Filament on the UP! Plus and Afinia 3D Printers Part One

These days every one is talking about the extra strength you can get when printing with Nylon filament. However printing with Nylon can be tricky due to the lower melt point and a tendency for the model to get small burn areas that detract from the overall finish.


TO help the UP! Plus 3D printer and Afinia 3D Printer users we have thrown together this guide outlining the best way to print with Nylon on this machine.


Firstly you need to ensure you have a good quality nylon filament product. The best available is the Taulman 618 Nylon filament. It is manufactured in the USA and is formulated especially for additive 3D printing.


The material finish is a white translucent that can be dyed with clothing dye to add colour. Model created with Taulman 618 Nylon are instantly recognisable as offer a higher quality finish, with better tear resistance and increased flexibility.


So how can owners UP! Plus, UP mini and Afinia 3D printers use nylon filament with their machines? Find out in our next post