Extender for Microsoft Media PC

MC Extender

A new dawn is upon us and its looks like a generic black box. The black box in question is an MC Extender, Media Center Extender, MCExtender or MC Xtender and it’s going to infiltrate your home and take over your life. Over the coming year we will find that TVs, DVD players, games consoles, Cable Boxes, Fridges and a host of other consumer products will begin to intergrate MC Extender functionality.

Thats’s great, but what does it mean?

By operating as an MCExtender for example, a DVD player will be able to interface your TV with your PC. This means you will be able to navigate, broadvision style with a host of subscription and non subscription internet services, in addition to organising and viewing all the media content hosted on your PC. Expect services to evolve fast into areas that we’ve seen become favourites on the web, including; chat, shopping, and community features.

There are already a host of sites looking at supporting the industry and market place with one of our favourites being the aptly named, MCExtender.com