Perfectly Fine Intellectual – Redtrack

That’s it, my mind’s made up…I totally love this record!

Indie rock band Redtrack serve up a lively up-tempo number that doesn’t waste any time declaring its intentions.  Right from the off with its big-sounding drums  and energetic guitar intro, this youthful  4-piece present us with a well produced chunk of fizzing britpop that simmers and bubbles all the way through.

A confident, slightly cheeky  vocal performance from a lead singer who knows how to get the best from a song.  And in this case, it’s a very good song indeed – “trust me…as far as you can throw me”!  The catchy lyrics are delivered in the time-honoured tradition of the great, original, ‘English-sounding’ vocal style familiar when listening to songs by such artistes as The Kooks, The Boo Radleys …or even Steve Marriott of the Small Faces.

Hearty backing vocals sit well in the mix which, on the whole, has a close and intimate sound – remarkable really, because there, the intimacy ends.  This is about dancing. This is about guitars. And there’s a healthy dose here, all right – no doubt about it, plain and simply…this IS moshers delight, the energy is amazing and the more I hear it, the more I like it.  And look, the lads have even thrown in a quick, crafty two-note bass solo!

Perfectly Fine Intellectual is a perfectly fine piece of music and Redtrack are, clearly on the right path.

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Words by music editor: Derick (the Dupester) Hamilton

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