MicroBoards bring in the big guns – MX1, MX2, and PrintFactory Pro


MicroBoards have announced the European launch of 3 new systems for large volume disc publishing. The MX1, MX-1, DVD CD Publisher features 1000 disc capcity, HP inkjet printer and a single high speed DVD CD recorder.

The MX2, MX-2 Disc Publisher features the same revised robotics and build quality, with 100 disc capacity, plus an extra DVD CD Recorder enabling 2X the output.

Finally the Print Factory Pro features the same chasis, body and robotics, with 100 disc capacity, HP inkjet printer, less the DVD CD Recorders.

All the units feature a new HP donor printer meaning that the costs per print will be lower. The MX1 MX2 and Print Factory Pro all use individual colour carts, meaning you can print more discs and use less ink.

Hopefully Microboards will be shipping over a unit very soon so we can offer a full review. Come back soon to find out if the new units live up to the promises.

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