BD Duplicator & Blu Ray Copiers

BD Duplicator

Whilst the Sony and Co bandwagon continues to roll into your nearest town spreading the word of Blu-Ray like a low fat olive oil spread, we cant help but notice that the once Blue Sky “Blu Drive” seems to be making its presence felt. No doubt xmas will see big sales of the PS3 in 40GB HD mode, if only because the Wii is like hens teeth.

From a production hardware point of view it has been very difficult to forecast what sort of demand we will see for Blu-Ray Duplicators. The cost of BluRay production systems remains beyond the reach of most Digital Video and creative production house, unless they specifically work with the HD field.

Once again StorDigital Systems are pleased to break the mould with there first HD duplicator. The SD11BDHD is a 2X single target Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Copier with an on board 500GB Hard Drive. Perfect for any production house working with HD content who needs to free up production resources. Ideal for pilots, demos, show reels and corporate video, the StorDigital Blu Ray Duplicator is the first product in a new line of high defnition duplicators from StorDigital Systems.

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