Workflow solutions for Education,Legal , Health, Religion and Corporation

At Ltd our enthusiasm for delivering exceptional products and services knows no bounds. For that very reason our client features some of the biggest names in industry, media and government. First impressions of our massive website might be that are just another web store, however; Ltd is an industry leading supplier of professional duplication systems from the worlds leading manufacturers. No other company in the UK has more experience or enthusiasm for developing cutting edge solutions for this dynamic market place.

Over the years we have gained more knowledge and fine tuned our solutions enabling us to offer both bespoke and off the shelf solutions for a wide range of customer demands. We specialise in offering corporate solutions that can reduce workload across companies that employ 1000’s of people. You will find our network-able disc publishers can not only improve your brand identity and visibility, but also help you migrate to a true paperless office. Increasingly remote sales forces are relying on digital media to be effective in their jobs. Physical and portable data storage devices are vital for ensuring the effective distribution of information across large organisations.

Schools, Colleges and Educational authorities can also significantly benefit from using disc publishing technology within their organisations. Discs are the perfect way to create, produce and distribute prospectus. CD production can be used to aid the learning process in music departments. Dance schools might use DVDs to distribute rehearsals and tutorial to the dance class members. Film study student might look to release their final cuts for distribution via DVD, or the school theatre group might choose to film the year end play to give away to parents. Robotic disc publishers can be studied and understood by engineering students learning about manufacturing processes. It is our belief that these useful production solutions are the perfect match for many applications within educational establishments, both for the purposes of administration and as part of the curriculum.

One of the largest markets for Ltd includes the corporate customer market.
Corporate applications for CD, DVD, USB or Blu-Ray duplication and publishing technology can be wide and varied. Typically a larger corporation with many employees perhaps over many locations will require autoloading, high capacity publishers that are operational via the network. Thanks to the technical developement team we have the skills to develop applications that fully offer a fully intergrated solution between our hardware solutions and local corporate platforms. If you or your company require a specific application developed please call Nic Ranshaw today on 020 8293 0777, in order that we can discuss your requirements.

For many years Ltd has been supplying solutions to the nations police forces. Continuity of evidence assurance is vital when using digital evidence to support a case. We supply systems that allows officers and administrators move data from different media formats quickly and securely preventing the opportunity for tampering. Using our mobile card to disc converters officer can easily get data from their car or camera onto tamper proof write once media. Our standalone 3 burner towers duplicators are then perfect for securely creating copies that can be used for evidence and archive purposes. We can even enable duplicators with copy protection functions in order to help prevent the loss of data or evidence that may be used unlawfully. Talk to the team at today and discuss how we are helping police forces nationwide. Call 020 8293 0777 to discuss your requirements.

In the new digital market place recording artists are offsetting file sharing losses by increasing their earning potential via live performance. Live performances are a great opportunity for recording artists to sell merchandise including posters, t-shirts and other memorabilia. In today’s music industry where global file sharing platforms have eroded the value of music, the live event is the place to both create and sell premium audio content. Content that has just been recorded and is available exclusively at the location is truly premium content. specialises in the supply and facilitation of live duplication hardware and live duplication services. We can offer turnkey solutions that enable perfect live recording to multiple masters, high capacity tower duplicators that will produce 1000’s of discs in just 4 minutes, and automated disc printers that will ensure your products have a professional finish. Live Duplication doesn’t stop at music however, increasingly our customers will use live duplication for recording, duplicating and selling all manner of live performance, beit music, video or spoken word. Talk to the team at about the solutions available to you. Call 020 8293 0777 to discuss your requirements.

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