Primera Bravo Disc Printers and CD DVD Publisher round up

Primera is the leading prosumer brand of automated disc publishing systems for CD and DVD. They have a larger installed base than any other manufacturer. Over the years at we have supplied many 1000’s of customer with Primera products. We are an authorised primera reseller and employ staff who have received training from Primera in the USA. If you have a technical problem with an out of warranty Primera product you can call us on 020 8293 0777 to arrange a quote for repair.

Recently the Primera Disc Publishing range has changed somewhat. They have phased out the Primera Bravo2 (Disc Publisher 2) and the Primera Bravo Pro (Disc Publisher Pro). There are presently NO publishers left in the European supply chain. Some Bravo Pro Printers and Bravo 2 Printers do still remain. The Bravo SE series of entry level publishers remains unaffected.

The existing Bravo Pro and Bravo 2 units have been replaced with BravoPro Xi and Bravo Pro Xi2 units. Both these units are based on the original Primera Disc Publisher Pro. The Bravo Xi has 100 disc capacity and a single disc recorder and the Bravo Xi2 has 100 disc capacity and 2 disc recorders. The new units also feature enhanced software that will support faster disc production. Like previous Primera Bravo units the new Primera Disc Publsihers support both Mac and PC operating systems.

Discover the new Primera Disc Publishers here

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