Post Christmas Blow Out

Website visitors can take advantage of big savings on some of our best selling products over the holiday period. Until January 3rd you can get a free upgrade from our Premium tower DVD CD duplicator to our enhanced copy and print lightScribe duplicator, the StorDigital PrintTower. With StorDigital PrintTower DVD CD Duplicator with LightScribe printing technology it is possible to both copy and print LightScribe discs without the use of a PC. The print operation is performed in the same way as the copy operation. Simply turn the duplicator to Print mode, then insert your LightScribe discs upside down. Now choose a LightScribe print design/label either from the optional built in hard drive or from a CD or DVD (where you have saved your file). Then start the print process. Typically printing a full face LightScribe disc will take up to 15-20 minutes. So if you have an 11 target LightScribe duplicator the average time to label each disc will be under 2 minutes. Prints that have less complex or non fullface designs will print faster. Also since the labelling process uses the burners laser that tracks from the center of the disc, labels that have ellements to be printed only near the center of the disc will be completed faster.

Another cool feature is the option to label the disc but leave an area to be completed by a subsequent print run. Using this technique it is possible to pre-print your discs ahead of an event but leave an area for labelling with extra information like names, dates or places. This feature makes a StorDigital LightScribe duplicator perfect for conferences, church sermons or any other live duplication that requires content to be labelled quickly at the event.

You can see our LightScribe duplicator holiday offer here