Discover Blu-Ray and its Acronyms

DRM – Digital Restrictions Management – technology to restrict what you can do with media you purchase

AACS – Advanced Access Content System – the DRM infection used for both Blu-ray and HD-DVD

BD+ – an addition to AACS for Blu-ray discs, that provides additional restrictions to what you can do

MMC – Mandatory Managed Copy – a theoretical way for you to make a legal copy of a movie

HDCP – High-bandwith Digital Content Protection – Encryption of data over digital connections

HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface – A digital connection found on most new HDTV’s, all HDCP compliant

DVI – Digital Visual Interface – Precursor to HDMI, found on many older HDTV’s. However, many DVI connections are not HDCP compliant, making them worthless for Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

MPAA – Motion Picture Ass. of America – trade organization representing the major movie companies

RIAA – Recording Industry Ass. of America – trade organization representing the major music companies

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