Rimage Corporation changes tack on future business goals

Rimage Corp have made an announcement regarding their plans for the future of the company.  As a partner to Rimage the CD-writer.com blog is not the place to comment on Sherman Blacks palns. I am sure Sherman has the vision and skills necessary to execute a credible platform for the secure distribution of sensitive information.  It sounds a little like CD-writer.com’s own DiscCast project….  Sherman if you want to swap notes then let me know.

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Rimage Corp. is a deer frozen in the headlights of technology change, and Sherman Black is the tough guy brought in to remake the company. But he’s getting plenty of flak.  

The Edina-based firm makes CD and DVD duplicating machines at a time when flash drives and hard disk drives have undercut demand for disks. But when the disk business started declining three years ago, the company stood still.  

“I knew when I joined this company that its disk market was not going to grow,” said Black, an intense 46-year-old executive who was made CEO a year and a half ago to shake things up. “I spent my first year as CEO trying to stop the erosion of the existing business.”  

Black’s new strategy is nothing if not bold. He wants to reduce Rimage’s dependence on disk duplication by starting an online service for the same set of customers. He won’t disclose the cost.  

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