Blu-Ray Duplicator range from StorDigital Systems expanded

How would you like a single target Blu-Ray duplicator with built in hard drive and optional USB PC connection for a price comparable with single target DVD duplicators. We are presently running a promotion on their new and existing range of Blu-Ray duplication towers and racks.

The new additions include a Blu-Ray version of their ever popular expandable duplication system, the LinkTower. With the expandable Blu-Ray duplicator available in modules of 15 targets it is now possible to connect infinite numbers of drives and make 1000’s of instant Blu-Ray copies from one master in a single cycle.

Also available is Blu-Ray version of their Rack Mountable duplication platform. Coming in a 19U chassis the 6 target rack mountable Blu-Ray duplicator offers the same professional performance as the standard StorDigital Premium duplicator range. Like all the current devices it boasts a 10X Blu-Ray burn speed via the built in expandable hard drive.

The most notable product is a NEW Lite version of the single target standalone Blu-Ray duplicator. To keep costs down StorDigital Systems new 1 target Blu-Ray duplicator features a single drive. This single Blu-Ray burner is then used for both Reading (to the HDD) and Writing (from the HDD). The device also features the option to add a USB connect to host PC.

Find out more about the range of Blu-Ray duplicators from StorDigital Systems available at here.