Primera Bravo 4100 Series Disc Printers and Publishers (a cat among pigeons?)


Bravo 4100 Disc Printer Publisher

Here’s some information from the Primera Technology marketing department

” Please allow me to officially announce that Primera’s new Bravo 4100-Series Disc Publishers and Bravo 4100 Printers (DP-4100 in EMEA) are now shipping. Bravo 4100-Series are the world’s fastest disc publishers and printers, printing full-color, 100% coverage discs in just 6 seconds each. This is a breakthrough in our industry – and simply breathtaking to watch! “

Here are the main selling points for Bravo 4100-Series:

  • Six seconds per disc print time.
  • Individual ink tanks for CMYK – users will save money on every disc they print.
  • Three models are available: AutoPrinter, one-drive publisher and two-drive publisher. Blu-ray Disc drives with blazingly fast eSATA interfaces are optional on both publishers.
  • Shipping began last week. Units should be available soon through distribution in USA as well as from Primera Europe and Primera Asia Pacific.
  • Pricing is the same as Xi-Series, making the 4100-Series an incredible value considering its significant increase in performance and lower costs per disc.
  • Xi-Series will continue in production for at least several more months so that integrators can transition smoothly to the new models.
  • A Windows-based SDK for 4100-Series will be available by end of January; the Mac SDK will follow soon thereafter. staff members were invited to attend the launch on the Bravo 4100 Series disc publisher. After seeing the printer in action we were very impressed with the speed and quality demonstrated.

We will be offering an independant bench test to see how it compares to comparative printers in the market place, like the Microboards PrintFactory Pro and Epson PP-100.

You can see the Bravo 4100 Series Disc Publishers here