Dualing at Dawn with Xlayer Dual Layer printable DVDs

Dual Layer DVDs reviews

Even though StorDigital DVD Duplicators are capable of duplicating Dual Layers DVDs we still find that most customers are happy using just the single layer DVD disc. This is perhaps due to the extensive use of very effective compression technology that’s reduces the file size of standard 2 hour movies to fit a single layer disc.

Those customers that do choose to record and duplicate dual layer DVD discs may have some initial difficulties. Whilst most DVD burners and DVD Duplicators now support the burning Dual Layer discs, most customer report varied levels of success. Because of the larger file size it is ALWAYS advised that the data is first copied to an installed hard drive within the duplicator. This will prevent errors from developing in the recorded discs since you will be copying a raw data file that will be much more stable than ripping data from a master discs for 12 hours.

With Dual Layer burning the quality of your target/blank media is also much more important. With single layer burning a piece of b-grade gash media will probably complete a burn on an everyday tower duplicator. However; the dual layer burning cycle is much more prone to errors leading to the failure of the discs to burn correctly. Since dual layer media can be expensive, excessive corrupted discs can become costly.

At CD-writer.com we realise that not everyone wishes to or can afford to use a JVC or Taiyo Yuden disc and we rely on customer feedback to educate us about which discs perform best on a budget. Many customer will stand by Verbatim discs in both dual layer an standard DVD formats, however for regular use dual layer verbatim DVD can really hurt you in the pocket. That’s why we are very happy to have so much positive feedback about Xlayer Dual Layer DVDs. This little known brand of discs has been widely reported by our customer base to offer a very high level of recording success and playback compatibility. It has been compared in performance and quality to Verbatim, but can be bought for a significantly lower price. You can find Xlayer Dual Layer Printable DVD here.