Rimage Brings CD/DVD Publishing Capabilities to Every Desktop with Launch of Industry's First Networked Disc Publishing Solution

Rimage Corporation announced the release of its network-attached Producer III 7100N and 8100N disc publishing systems — the industry’s first disc publishing solution to deliver networked, centralized production of custom CDs and DVDs.

The new Producer III 7100N and 8100N bring powerful CD/DVD production capabilities to everyone within an organization, making it as easy as using a network printer or copier.

Unlike any other system, the Producer III 7100N and 8100N deliver a client server experience through powerful, embedded computers, enabling the seamless connection of any desktop within an organization through a network or remote access. Additionally, the built-in computer frees users from dealing with a separate keyboard, monitor and mouse; provides a smaller overall system footprint; and delivers the industry’s fastest throughput.