Primera Bravo, Primera Disc Publisher – Top Ink Saving Tip

Do you find yourself going through print cartridges like there is no tomorrow? have got a top tip which will help you get the most from your ink cartridges when using the Primera Bravo or Primera Disc Publisher range of publishers & printers.

On most printers you can set the units to use both the colour & black cartridges when producing a print, however this does not always mean the black ink cartridge will be used if your image contains black within the design.
The image format you use can have a large effect on ink consumption, so much so it can override your settings and still use the tri-colour cartridge to produce all the black within your design. This not only wastes valuable colour ink, but almost renders your black cartridge obsolete.

To get your unit printing efficiently from the black cartridge, the system must recognise that colour as true black (#000000, R=0 G=0 B=0). To do this, ensure your original artwork is in an uncompressed file format. The best to use would be BMP or TIF files. As they are uncompressed, the black within the image will be recognised as true black, and thus the system will use the black cartridge to make your design.

Avoid compressed image formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF files. More often than not the compression will cause a slight change in the colour, and while images may appear black when viewing them, the printer interprets them as colour and will therefore use the colour cartridge to print your disc!

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